love at first sight

Maddy's mum died 3 years ago and ever since then my life had turned into hell , but when she meets a beautiful irish boy with gorgeous blue eyes her world turns the other way


3. the question

Maddys POV :

i woke up to see Niall sitting there on his sofa bed eating pancakes , he said here you go , he passed me the pancakes they were so good . i got the one shirt and the one pair of jeans out of my bag i got dressed and went back to nialls room , niall said , can i ask you a question , niall then said i think you are so beautiful so i want to know will you go out with me ? i said yh of course ,niall noticed i had only the clothes i was wearing so he said lets go shopping today , i have loads of money we can use that . niall kissed me and  off we went shopping.

Nialls POV :

i had to ask her , she was just amazing . she was mine , and i was gonna make sure i could keep her forever . when she told me what her dad did and everything i had to take her out shopping because she had nothing . she got up and she screamed in pain and fell to the floor . i ran to help her and she was still screaming in pain, the rest of the boys ran in, i could tell they had been asleep cause of how they all looked , they all helped her up and we put her on my bed , i said we are going to the doctors because i cant have you in that pain babe . 



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