love at first sight

Maddy's mum died 3 years ago and ever since then my life had turned into hell , but when she meets a beautiful irish boy with gorgeous blue eyes her world turns the other way


1. no , not again!

Maddy's POV:

my dad pushed me on my bed  , and yet again i was UN doing my shirt , ever since mum died 3 years ago my dad had turned into a rapist , every day he raped me , but i had a plan , i had bee planning it for a long time . suddenly the door bell went so i got up did my shirt up and got my bag which i had packed when i decided on my plan , i was gonna run away from home i opened my window and i jumped out i fell to the ground i got up to run but my ankle was to painful , but i couldn't live like this anymore so i ran anyway my dad saw me run round the corner because i could hear him shouting MADDY , GET BACK HERE  NOW!  i ran into a hedge and he rand straight past me and went down another road , i was breathing heavily , very heavily ! suddenly i thought , mum had shown me a secret park where nobody knew , i was to go there hopefully he wouldn't find me !


Niall's POV :

i was sitting in my house with the rest of the boys , yet again they were arguing about what film to watch , so i said to them im going out for a walk , i had to , to get away from it . i was gonna go that secret park my mum showed me , she loves that place so i was gonna go there , i knew it would be quiet because there is never anybody there . i reached the park and i saw a girl about 16 sitting on a bench , as she saw me she got up instantly and she was very cautious of me , i said to her are u ok , she had black all down her face and she was crying she kept looking around as if she was hiding from someone . she replied to me with no , i have no where to go . she was a very pretty and beautiful girl , i said , why not , she didnt reply i said come home with me , the girl said no she couldnt , she said she would sleep on the bench but i said i will take you home  .


Maddy's POV :

this boy was talking to me he said go home with him , but i recognized him he looked very familiar , i got up to go with him and i fell , he said are you ok ? he picked me up and kissed me on the cheek , i said i cant be seen by anyone , he took off his coat and out it on me , he said there you go , you shouldnt be recognized now .

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