love at first sight

Maddy's mum died 3 years ago and ever since then my life had turned into hell , but when she meets a beautiful irish boy with gorgeous blue eyes her world turns the other way


2. meet and greet

Nialls POV:

when i got her back to my house where the rest of the band were i took her into the lounge where they were all sitting, zayn suddenly shouted niall whos that, i replied with she is gonna stay for a while because we met in a park and she has nowhere to go , so she is staying , liam said but mate why are you carrying her , i said she hurt her ankle and she cant walk , so im going up to my room with her 


Maddys POV :

i felt so happy with niall , when we got up to him room he sat me down on his bed, he had a sofa bed so he said he will sleep on that and i can have his bed for the time , but i said its your bed he just replied with  i wouldnt be a real man if i put you on the sofa bed . naill asked me why i had nowhere to go and i told him about mum dying and dad raping me . niall said i can stay there all i liked , and that made me feel good .


Nialls POV : 

i told her she could stay and we went to bed because we were both very tired , i kissed her on the cheek , she liked it so i kissed her on her lips , she backed away , and i appoligised , she told me she was a bit shy because of what had happened to her . i understood her . so i kissed her on her cheek again , and we went to bed .

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