Indigo lives in an American colony on the moon. She has her whole life. But, when her best friend's birthday is the victim of a terroristic plot, they have to make hard choices to survive.


1. The Party

                I’m already halfway into the transport when Dodger jumps in the back. Ugh. I love my brother, I don’t love having to take him everywhere with me. Especially, to a party. Not just any party, either. My best friend’s sixteenth birthday party. He’s only twelve. This is completely unfair.

                “I don’t think you’ll have any fun.” I say, typing the coordinates into the transport screen. He shrugs and lays back. Great.

                The transport takes off and the whole sky opens up. That’s one thing I love about living on the moon, you have great views. It’s a shame we can’t go outside, though. But, we have simulators. We still get fresh air. I live right next door to the Public Square, the place where everyone goes for social interactions. I can already see Zoey with her party hat when we pull into the park lot.

                “Happy Birthday!” I scream, hugging her and jumping out of the car.      

                “Hi, Indigo! Did you have to bring Dodger?” I looked at her, rolled my eyes and smiled. Oh, who cares? Either way, this will be a blowout.

                She puts her arm around my shoulders and we walk into the party area. I can hear Dodger’s footsteps close behind. Vega and Axel are sitting at a table. We go over and sit by them. We’re a cute little group, the four of us. Axel has had a crush on Vega since we were kids. They would be cute together. Almost everyone has dark hair and eyes now. It’s close to impossible to trace your ethnicity. But, Vega is one of eleven humans left with blue eyes. Obviously, that makes her very desirable. Everyone loves her.

                “We were just talking about how Axel just got accepted into an architecture school.” Vega says. We all congratulate him. Axel is a very talented artist, and wants to be an architect. This means the world to him. Plus, he’s only sixteen. He’s sort of a prodigy.

                A sharp, high pitched squeal comes over the intercom. “Attention, party-goers!” We all scream and shout. Zoey’s family rented out the entire Public Square for her party. They have a lot of money, and in order to assure that no one can sneak in, we all had to agree to be locked into the building. “The building is locking down now. It will automatically unlock in six hours. Now, who’s ready to party?” We scream even louder. This will be amazing.

                A fast, upbeat music comes over the speakers. Zoey pulls me up by the wrist. “Let’s not waste the party! Come on, the dance floor is this way.” I tell Dodger not to move. The building is dark, with white and blue strobe lights floating over us. The music makes the entire room bounce. I can barely tell the people apart. I see a sliver of Zoey’s face. She’s smiling. A DJ station that looks about three stories tall sits in the middle of the floor.

                The dance floor flashes with purple and blue squares. It’s almost enough to make me dizzy. I can hear Axel talking over the music about pillars. I laugh. Axel is such a dork.

                After about an hour, we leave the dance floor and go back to the table. We’re all laughing and talking, except for Dodger, who looks utterly bored. We play a party game where we all tell a secret about ourselves. Axel has never kissed a girl. Zoey reached over and fixed that, quickly. We all laughed hysterically. Then, rather suddenly, everything shut down. The music stopped, and all the lights died. The room was completely silent. We barely even breathe.

                “What the hell is going on?” Zoey says, angrily. “Is this some sort of a joke?”  On the other side of the room, I see the outline of a woman entering.

                “Excuse me.” She yells, so everyone can hear her. “It seems that some sort of laser transmission hit our building. We aren’t sure how, or why yet, but remain calm. Everything will return to normal very soon.” Axel doesn’t take that for an answer.

                “What about the backup generator?” He yells. The woman doesn’t respond. We watch her walk away. Mumbles spread across the room.

                “Something is wrong.” Axel says. “Even if a transmission hit us and knocked out the power, the generator should be running.”

                “Well, who cares? They’ll fix it soon. We can do without power for a couple minutes.” I say, trying to cheer everyone up.

                “No, Indigo, you don’t understand.” Axel protests. “The electricity runs the air ducts. If we don’t have power, the air stops circulating.” My stomach drops.

                “Well, what does that mean?” Vega asks.

                Axel inhales deeply. “It means, if they don’t fix the generator, we’re going to run out of air.”


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