Indigo lives in an American colony on the moon. She has her whole life. But, when her best friend's birthday is the victim of a terroristic plot, they have to make hard choices to survive.


3. The Airlock

It’s been an hour since they put Vega on the transport. We’re all trying to stay calm. Our breathes are starting to get shallow. We don’t say a word. Dodger left the hallway to find out what’s going on. The adults found about ten oxygen tanks. There were only six of them, so after they took those, they gave the last four to us.

                “Soon, they should transport a few people to the airlock in the park lot. That should hold them for a while.” Axel says.

                “I wish I could call my mom.” Zoey said. “She was so disappointed she couldn’t come.”

                “Wait!” I say. “You have your phone?” She nods. “But, no signal.” Axel pulls out his. My eyes bug.

                “You have your battery powered phones? Ha! Oh my God!” I stand and run to one end of the hall. “I can transfer those to the transport! Can’t they alternatively run on four phone sized batteries?” Axel smiles and nods. They follow me down the hallway. I need to find Dodger. We can go home.

                The main room is chaotic. Someone knocked over the DJ tower. Tables are knocked over. A few kids are on the ground. “Are they dead?” Zoey asks.

                “Don’t look.” Axel says. Zoey starts balling.

                The people start to notice us. They claw at us, trying to take our masks. Someone tackled Axel. We all try to pry the masks off. I get mine off and run the station. They look like animals, all fighting for the oxygen tank. I cup my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming. Among the shrieks, I hear an innocent whisper, “Indigo.”

                I look around. “Dodger? Dodger! Where are you?” I scream. It repeats, just barely stronger, “Indigo.”

                I look down, and there, half crushed by the station, is Dodger. Blood ran down his face. He looks small and broken. I rush to his side and grab his hand.

                “Dodger! Dodger, oh, sh.” I say between sobs. My whole body feels numb. “Sh. It’s fine. We can leave, Dodger. We can go home.” His chest barely moves. He can’t keep his eyes open. Dodger isn’t leaving. I wrap my arms around him.

                His chest stops moving. He exhales heavily. He’s gone. My brother is dead.

                I’m start breathing heavily. I scream at the top of my lungs. I feel nothing. I hear nothing. But I know I’m screaming. Zoey rushes over and pulls me back. She sees Dodger and freezes. She closes her eyes and swallows. I watch her reach into his pocket and pull out his phone.

                She tries to pull me away, but I fight her. Axel comes over and helps her.  They grab me by the arms and drag me away. We pass the table we sat at at the beginning of the night. We were so clueless then.

                They drag me into the airlock. I’m calmer, then. I help them pull one of the transports out of their lock. If it turns on, it should open the tiny door to allow it to leave.

                “Are we leaving everyone? We won’t even tell them how to escape.” I say. Zoey looks softly at me. “They would ambush the airlock. We’d never get to leave.” I hand her my phone and she removes the batteries from all four of them. I pulled out my lipstick and started to write on the pavement, ‘USE YOUR PHONE BATTERIES.’  I have to at least let them try.

                Axel plugs the batteries into the transport. Its engine makes a noise. It’s on. We’re going to leave. Axel and Zoey scream happily. I still don’t make a sound. We climb into the transport and type in my house, since it’s the closest. I watch the building disappear behind us.

                Zoey and Axel celebrate. I can’t take my eyes off the building.

                We’re alive.

                Only eight people left that party. No one saw my message. The colony was shut down and everyone was deported. The country responsible was never published. The building was demolished. No bodies were retrieved. 

               That was the end of it.



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