The Egyptian Prophecy

This is a story of the young Egyptologigist, Leo Ortiz. He was a student on an archaeology trip in Egypt where he dug near the great pyramid. Being the curious man he was, he decided to dig on his own. He then found the lost tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu and his many treasures inside. But little did he know he was about to be sucked into the biggest adventure of his life.


3. The Tomb of the Pharaoh


The night was cool, cooler than you would think in the desert. It was dark as coal with a few shimmering stars in the sky. No city lights burning your eyes and no loud noises. Just dry sand blowing in the cool, desert night. You could hear all the noises, from within the sandy desert. Animals hunting their prey, the students loud snoring and Leo creeping out of his tent.

He had a flashlight in one hand and he wore camo pants with a black muscle shirt. He walked over to the large brown tent where all the girls slept. He made a small whine, like the sound of a desert fox. He heard someone shuffle from the inside, in annoyance. He sighed, shaking his head. Leo checked his watch noticing it was half past three already and he had not seen Sandra.

He gave up on her and he walked towards the pyramid. He would go alone now that Sandra must have been asleep. He stopped, hearing a noise behind him. It could have been the sand to anyone else but Leo was a hunter. And a very good one at that. He made Katniss Everdeen look like a beginner. He would always hunt with his father on the week ends and then soon almost everyday. He could hunt almost any animal in the wild with his bow and end their lives with one strike of his dagger.

Suddenly, a hand clasped around Leo's mouth, making him unable to cry out in surprise. He went rigid, itching for his dagger on his side. It was taken from his side before he could reach it. He could feel the breathe of someone, breathing down his neck. Leo stayed still, waiting.

"Miss me?", a soft voice cooed as the hand slowly moved away from his mouth.

Leo began to laugh. "Man! You gave me a real scare. Good job, Sandra",  he congratulated quietly.

Sandra giggled and ruffled Leo's sandy, blonde hair. They smiled at each other then kept walking, closer to the Pyramid of Giza and farther and farther from the small campsite.

They arrived at the entrance of the Pyramid with two sleeping guards. Poor fellas, probably working all day and night and getting payed almost nothing. Sandra frowned, not liking the fact that they looked so exhausted. Leo shrugged it off but was glad they didn't have to sneak in or anything worse.

"Turn off your flashlight until we get inside", instructed Leo in a calm whisper as he turned his own off. 

Sandra nodded and turned off her flashlight. Together they walked silently past the snoring guards. Sandra gazed around the dark, open gateway in front of them. They looked at one another with devilish grins. Leo extended his hand to her and she took it happily. Holding hands, they began to run closer to the impending darkness and suddenly clicked on their flashlights, spinning in dizzy circles.

They laughed quietly as they could so they didn't disrupt the guards sleep. Once they got organized they saw that there was a fork in the road. They picked the left, knowing it was the bad side of things. Pharaoh Khufu loved to show his bad side. They were careful for any left traps, for they were hidden everywhere and in every form as well. 

After many long, twisting and narrow tunnels and hallways, they came to a stop in a dead end. Leo sighed and began to walk back to where they entered from. Sandra stayed, eyeing the wall with her flashlight. Leo stopped and looked at her. Her long black hair was a different beauty compared to the desert night. She looked amazing with her glowing green eyes, her figure wasn't perfect but she didn't seem to mind. Her skin was pale but in a way it made her look even more mesmerizing. 

"Leo? Leo, did you hear me?", Sandra asked with a confused expression.

Leo shook the thoughts out of his head and answered, "I'm sorry, what?"

"Leo, I said that this wall was made here on purpose."

"Well yeah, to throw us off track."

"Leo", she said with a smile pointing to the wall. "There are no paintings on here only hieroglyphics saying a bunch of directions the pyramid."

When she saw that he wasn't quite following, she began to laugh. "This is the only pyramid with a dead end. They put this here to throw us and everyone else off track!", she exclaimed happily.

"Leo. Pharaoh Khufu is behind this wall!", she squealed as softly as she could.

Leo began to laugh and take his hands in hers. "You did it!"

"No, we did it", she said softly.

Before Leo could reply, Sandra had her hands on his shoulders, giving him a pleasant and slow kiss on the lips.

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