The Egyptian Prophecy

This is a story of the young Egyptologigist, Leo Ortiz. He was a student on an archaeology trip in Egypt where he dug near the great pyramid. Being the curious man he was, he decided to dig on his own. He then found the lost tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu and his many treasures inside. But little did he know he was about to be sucked into the biggest adventure of his life.


4. The Ancient Book


Leo smiled contently. He liked Sandra, he liked her a lot. Suddenly, Leo looked at the time and frowned. Only an hour before they had to get moving. He looked over at the bare wall made of sandstone with cracks running through it.

"We have to get through.", Leo said with absoluteness.

"What, how? I get the thing with proving the professors wrong but not by breaking the wall", Sandra argued.

"Not break it. Didn't they have a way in. A secret button or something?", he suggested hopefully.

"Maybe...", she pondered and walked to the wall. Sandra began to examine the wall closely, running her fingers down it.

The surface was bumpy and rough, not smooth like the others. Leo kept the flashlight on the wall, following close to Sandra's hand. She tilted her head, feeling a little frustrated on it. Leo walked to her, his hands on her shoulder.

"Hey, It's fine. We can come tomorrow and find another way", Leo said trying to comfort her.

"Yeah", she sighed and leaned onto the wall. "You're right".

Leo smiled. "Let's go back before we get in trouble".

Suddenly the wall started to groan and creak, then in a single moment begin to turn. It turned quickly, sending Sandra back with a loud squeal. Leo caught her before she fell to the floor, the door closing behind them. There was loud bang! when the door shut. Leo and Sandra started to push on the wall hoping it would budge but it just wouldn't. 

They sighed, slowly sliding down the wall and sitting down. Sandra groaned and put her face down into her hands. Leo frowned and then looked in front of him. There it was. A large golden coffin with beautiful painted art on the front. Leo stood up and looked around, the room was covered in gold, jewels and the walls were all hand painted. There was a large river boat, some furniture in all different fashions.

"Sandra, look. Look", he exclaimed excitedly.

Sandra looked up tiredly and then her mouth dropped in awe. She stood up beside Leo and walked over to the coffin, sliding her hand over the beautifully crafted work. She still had not spoken a word, while she inspected the pieces on the wall. Leo moved around and over to the pile of what seemed like scrolls and paper. He looked through it, glancing occasionally to the hand painted art and hieroglyphics. He couldn't make any sense of them, or not even make a guess. He stopped and looked down to his hand. 

There was a large, leather bounded book inside of the pile. Sandra wandered over curiously, looking over Leo's shoulder.

"Open it..." she whispered in Leo's ear. Sandra was very excited to see what was inside and show all of the professors what they had found.

Leo nodded and placed his hand over the very detailed, with different kind of blues cover. He opened the book and the room went dark, the flashlights out. Wind began to swirl and whirl, coming from nowhere. Sandra began to scream which became lost in the strong, gusts. Pieces of gold and jewels began to fly around and hurtle in dangerous paths. 

They both were on the floor, Leo covering Sandra in a way to protect her. Suddenly, everything stopped in the air. It then fell, littering the floor and crashing on both of them. Leo stood up slowly, holding his head in slight pain. Sandra sat on the floor, shivering in fright.

Leo looked down at her with much concern on his face. He looked around, seeing the wall was open again. Leo caught something move so he turned with caution, afraid what would happen. He stared at the wall with paintings. In a few moments the pictures began to move and dance in the air. The gods began to speak in egyptian and the symbols started to speak and dance in the air.

Leo frowned and shook his head. "Leo, pick up the book", a powerful voice suggested.

"What?", Leo asked.

Sandra gave him a funny look as she stood up.

"Leo. Pick up the book", It commanded this time.

"Who are you?", he asked confused.

"Pharaoh Khufu the great, now pick up the book!", It commanded a little angrier now.

Leo picked up the book, still very much confused. Sandra took Leo's arm and gasped, looking at the time.

"We are in so much trouble...", she muttered.

"Oh yes. Yes you are.", replied Mr. Guardo from the secret entrance, with a big smirk on his face.

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