The Egyptian Prophecy

This is a story of the young Egyptologigist, Leo Ortiz. He was a student on an archaeology trip in Egypt where he dug near the great pyramid. Being the curious man he was, he decided to dig on his own. He then found the lost tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu and his many treasures inside. But little did he know he was about to be sucked into the biggest adventure of his life.


2. Present Day


"Leo, get back over here!", a voice bellowed from within a large, white tent.

Leo sighed and closed the white tent flaps. "Yes, Mr. Guardo".

Mr. Guardo continued on with his lecture to the other students. Leo couldn't keep still as he kept glancing around. They were in Egypt  near the Great Pyramid of Giza. It was a very impressive structure, more than the others or modern ones you see today.

"And so the history of this pyramid is legend. The pharaoh Khufu had this pyramid built and now his tomb is hidden well inside. Now-", he continued with the lecture when he was abruptly cut off by a female, sitting beside Leo.

"I'm sorry, Mister but what makes you believe that he is still in this Pyramid? I mean the statue my father found in the temple Osiris, is far from here. He also built this Pyramid, far from his father.",she explained and then glanced over at Leo, smiling.

Leo smiled back. He thought he was the only one that could ruffle these professors feathers. Mr. Guardo scowled at the two, while the other students judged them under their careful eyes.

"Yes Sandra, we are sure that he is in the pyramid. The statue had nothing to do with the finding of pharaoh Khufu.", he replied sternly. He turned his attention back to the other students, continuing the lecture where the others listened with full interest. 

Leo leaned over to Sandra and smiled softly. "Hey there. Name's Leo. Sandra, right?", he whispered.

"Yeah it is. Nice to meet you, Leo",she stopped when she saw Mr. Guardo watching.

He frowned at them but continued to speak. Leo whispered to the girl some more and that's where they got an idea. After the lecture it was time for lunch. The other students sat in groups, talking to the others. Leo and Sandra stood farther off from the others, talking. 

"Tonight?", Leo asked with a sly smile playing at his mouth.

Sandra smiled, her green eyes flickering with excitement. You could see the gears turning and spinning in Leo's head, plotting for the night ahead. Lunch was over and Mr. Guardo led them out to the digging site where they watched the professionals. Sandra pointed to the entrance of the great pyramid, excitedly.

"Soon Sandra, soon",Leo said to her smiling. "Soon."

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