The Egyptian Prophecy

This is a story of the young Egyptologigist, Leo Ortiz. He was a student on an archaeology trip in Egypt where he dug near the great pyramid. Being the curious man he was, he decided to dig on his own. He then found the lost tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu and his many treasures inside. But little did he know he was about to be sucked into the biggest adventure of his life.


1. Pharaoh Khufu


There it was. The Great Pyramid of Giza. It shone brightly in the morning sun. Down below on the sandy ground, was a group of monks carrying a casket. It was lined in precious gold, beautiful jewels and extravagant designs in paint. The monks muttered a chant under their breath while they carried the coffin.

Inside was the Pharaoh Khufu, a different kind of king that they've had before. He was kind but also ruthless. He enjoyed being different from his father Sneferu. Pharaoh Khufu loved to be around his favorite person, himself. He had made a deal with his people that they shall build the Great Pyramid and he would rest inside. Most people were glad with this idea,but one of them wanted more. His daughter, Hetepheres II.

They thought she was sweet, kind and innocent but she really was not. She was tired of being pushed around only because she was a girl. The mocking she heard from the other royals was unbearable to her. And to top it off she was married off to both of her brothers. That was when all the rage inside of her began to bubble. She had a plan.

She led her Father to their garden in the palace. He looked un-impressed and asked her to hurry with what it was she wanted to show him. She took out a hand-carved dagger she had made, with its finest jewels and gold on the hilt. He glanced at it curiously then noticed this was his gold and jewels. He snapped at her for being impatient and selfish. With tears in her eyes, she fastened her grip on the dagger. In one swooping motion she had landed the dagger into her fathers heart.

He gasped in pain, unable to speak. His daughter stood over him, waiting for his slow death to end. She then began to weep, but not because she was sad. A guard came and saw the Pharaoh dead on the ground, dagger in his chest and the pharaohs only daughter weeping. From there a monk was sent into the pharaohs chambers in search of his will. In it he told of all of his riches, things and treasure to be buried with him in the great Pyramid.

The monks then proceeded the next day to bring his items to his secret tomb. One monk found an old leather bound book under the pharaohs bed lining. It was written in a old hieroglyphics, that even he did not know. He took it along with the other remaining things for the tomb, placing it beside the new coffin. 

The ceremony began, embalming the pharaoh and making  him a mummy. The magician chanted the spell for him into the after world but began to change the wording slightly. Instead the magician had a grudge on the pharaoh, and this would be his revenge. He chanted a spell not for the underworld but the soul now being trapped inside the tomb. Little did he know, he was trapping the pharaoh not in the tomb, but inside the old book. 

After the body was put inside the coffin, they sealed the tomb. His family spared, and not to be killed with the pharaoh. The land was happy upon his death, but that would all change later in the present. The earth would not be the same.

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