The Egyptian Prophecy

This is a story of the young Egyptologigist, Leo Ortiz. He was a student on an archaeology trip in Egypt where he dug near the great pyramid. Being the curious man he was, he decided to dig on his own. He then found the lost tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu and his many treasures inside. But little did he know he was about to be sucked into the biggest adventure of his life.


5. Double Trouble


"M-Mr. Guardo! I, uh, we", Sandra started to stammer. She glanced from her instructor to Leo. She glanced at him thinking but was interrupted by the professor.

"Well, well, well. It seems that I, the greatest historian of all time, has found the tomb!", he sneered as his goons laughed behind him. Mr. Guardo glanced between Leo and Sandra, his greedy eyes glancing between them. "Now, for two of you to be arrested!"

Leo scowled. He could see his twitchy fingers yearn to look around and his greedy little eyes skimming around. He was obviously pleased about this. Leo looked to his side to Sandra. Her face had gotten pale with her eyes buzzing with nervousness. Leo had the book under his arm but surely the professor would seize it. He looked at Sandra with a very slight glance to the book.

Sandra looked at Leo her eyes confused. Leo urged her to do something for he was clueless. Mr. Guardo had been mesmerized by the gold in the room. Sandra then took Leo's arm and put them around her, as she curled into his chest. She then began to sniffle and gradually cry into his chest. Leo rubbed her back comfortably, whispering in her ear.

Mr. Guardo looked at them in disgust as he shot  look to his goons. The two large men immediately grabbed them by their arms and moving them apart. The first brute took Sandra through the entrance, her arm going red by the strong grip. The other man had to drag Leo unwillingly from the room, following after Sandra. Mr. Guardo laughed softly to himself as he could hear the two shouting and cussing down the corridor.

Leo cussed heavily at the goon that was dragging him. They were now outside, the sand turning and orange-pink hue with the sun rising. The camp was within sight but where did Sandra go? It was flat ground up until camp and they couldn't have gotten that far ahead of them. "Leo, you need to get out." sounded a voice that drifted inside his head.

"Not without Sandra, Mr. King guy." Leo retorted with hostility inside of his mind.

Leo could feel thee  emotion behind the voice. It sighed deeply and seemed disappointed. "I cannot help you once you get in, only caution you"

"What do-" Leo started then was cut off by the goon holding him by the arm in his death grip.

"N' aye boy! Watch y'or step then ay? Git on in then!" he goon spoke in a thick accent that was difficult to understand.

Suddenly Leo was thrust forward into a dark pit as he sprawled on the floor beside Sandra. He looked confused as he had been distracted by the voice in his head. Leo cursed then held Sandra tightly as she shivered. The goon only laughed and walked away, the space now pitch black.


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