Code Breaker

They thought I didn't love him. They thought i just wanted the code. Well they thought wrong. This is a story abut me, Zayn, and our never ending love.


1. Prougle;


Clare P.O.V.

Ring ring went the bell. "Finally i can go home" i wispered to my self as i rush to the big green doors. I started to pick up my speed when i hear some ruffling in the bushes. The noise stops when I come near it . Then.... bam i got hit with a something metal and black out. The last thing i heard before i blacked out was a deep british voice calmly say "Don't worry doll, i gottcha",



I wake up to the same deep british voice reapededly saying my name "Clare" my heart starts to race. I finally find enough energy to open my eyes. I examen my sourndings with a sharp pain;red chairs, four concrete walls and an old man. Once i'm done i yell "Where the fuck am i?!?!" "Easy there tigger" siad that still, odly familiar deep voice, i look to my right and ,ill, Zayn Malik from that surgar pop boy band one direction. Now don't get me wrong i don't hate the guy i just hate how he cares so much about his ego. He then swifftly walks tworads me and strokes my ckeak. But me being me i, without thinking, bit him as hard as i can. Then i continue my conversation with the old man who is now standing in front of me. "Curseing is not very lady like in the agency." he yelled "Lady my ass" i snarled. Quiffy chukls at my coment. "Well lets get down to buissness, shall we, Mrs. Morre" he says while sticking his hand infront of me. I then ignore it and rapidly stand up. " i am not going any ware until you explain why quiffy over there hit my head with something meatalic and why i am here!!!" i yelled. All of a sudden the old man points a gun to my head and is about to pull the triger when quiffy pushes me to a wall and he begins to extaging blows with the old man. As i try to stand up, quiffy kills the man with the same gun that was pointed to my headed. I scream not knowing what else to do. Quffy then truns his head to me and yells run. I stay frozen untill he grabs my wrist and leads me to a black motorcycle. He then starts the car and it roars to life . I strap my black helmet on and grab on to his strong abbs, holding onto dear life. I was never realy fond of motorcycles. He goes down the road and makes a sharp turn into a drak ally. I still a littel shaky say "will someone for the love of god tell me whats happening''. Quiffy finally asnwers me "well dol, i hit with a bat to protect you from that old man, but i ended up taking you to and killing him. Th-'' "wait, hold up, you used me as bait?!?!' " well kinda... as i was saying once i killed him i draged you to my motorcycle.'' "but why am i here smart ass!!!" i say a littel anouyed. "well your here becuase your officaly an agent, and yes i am one to.'' Umm, did quiffy just tell me to put up with shit for th rest of my life, oh hell nah. "what if i refuse?" " then i have no other choice then to kill you, you already know to much". He then stops the camotorcycle and sticks his hand infront of me. I shake it while he says ''welcome to british intelegance 101 agent 124". I sigh and rest my head on his musculer back. ''I gues i am an a gent now, yah for me'' i wisper to me self. oldly become very tired and fall into a deep sleep.

Zyan P.O.V.

I hear snoreing and i pull over to a motel once i stop i smoothly say "doll, were here" But when i llok back i see her leaning against my back and sleeping. I carefully get down, put on a hoody and some sunglasses. I then carry her into the motel and gentely place her onto the bed. I then undress and put on fresh pair of boxers, because i unlike Harry refuse to sleep naked, and lay down next her. I trun over to my side and stare at her. Gosh she is so beautiful. She looks so peaceful while she sleeps. With her long wavy, drak brown hair, slitly pail skin and redidsh natrule lips. Its ashame her eyes are closed because i can't see here dark chocolate eyes, that made me melt when i looked into them. Oh how i want her to be mine.

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