Code Breaker

They thought I didn't love him. They thought i just wanted the code. Well they thought wrong. This is a story abut me, Zayn, and our never ending love.


2. Present time

No ones P.O.V.:

Its been 3 years since Clare and Zyan have seen each other. So know Zyan is 19 and Clare is 18 Clare is know a scecret agent that specializeses in hacking codes and is one of Englens most deadlest women alive. As for Zayn he is still in one directiond and a top secret agent. Sadly he does not have the gusts to ask out his one and only true love Clare. She has yet to confess her love to him. They now barrly keep in contact. Acctualy they stoped talking a year and half ago when Clare found out Zayn is now dateing Perrie from the Little Mix Girls. Even though Clare nos he is dateing her for pudlicity she is still hurt. Lets see how Clare is copeing know.


Clare P.O.V.:

"Anthony i'm home and i have chinees food" yelled as i came into the apartment i share with my younger brother Anthony. He's thirteen but Anthony is taller then me. Anthony has has drak brown shaggy hair and brown eyes, he looks just like me but he has dimples. "Yah Yah sis, i'm going hold on lemme beat your high score at Black Cops 2!!!!" I sigh and start to set out the food when i hear a knock on the door. I then hear Anthony yell "I got it.'' After i hear an oldly familiar british voice say "hello". I peek through the slightly open kichten door and see... oh no .... Zyan. I inhale loudly taking one last glimpse at Zayns brown eyes and countinue what i was doing until i hear Anthony yell " Zyans hear with uh..... Pirrie?!?!" wait what . I quickly check my self in the microwave that acts like a mirria and prepare for the worst. I walk out the kitchen and see my brother on the floor with Zayn, laughing? "Whats so funnny?'' I look out the front door and see no Pirrie. I then look at the two idiots on the floor with a confused face. Zayn the speaks up after his littel laugh attack " You should of seen your face when Anthony said Pirrie." I send a death glare at  Anthony and look back at Zayn's beautiful brown eyes with a forced simle."What do you want, quiffy?''


"what do want, quiffy?" says Clare. I look up to the angle in front of me and say "Well hello to you to." She just stares at my eyes until she shakes her head with another forced smile. I look down at my shoes and then look a little to the left to see Anthony quietly enjoying this littel seen. Clare then speeks up "Tell me or leave.'' I finally look up to her and say ''I'm her for the code and to ask you out on a date, doll"  She then freazes and smiles. Then begins to walk someware i follow her to a small room and watch her as she looks for something in a plastic drower. She the hands me a samall white box and says" No, no because your dating Pirrie" and begins to walk out of the room. I start to think about what i should do to change her mind and then it hit me, i'll show her how i feel about her. I then quickly grab her and kiss her hoping she kisses back. She did we spend about 30 seconds shareing a kiss full of lust, love, and fireworks. Oh how i'v dreamed of this moment. Sadly we had to pull apart gasping for air. " I broke up with her yestrday, doll" i lie as i lay my for head on hers. She the moves her lushes red lipes to my ear and wispered " then yes, quiffy" before she slightly sucked my ear lobe. I grinned ear to ear when she said yes and then pulled her into another kiss. This time we stoped to Anthony clapping his hands "bravo Malik, bravo Morre, well i don't about you but a i am hungry so Zyan be a dear and carry my sis to the kitchen...oh and stay for dinner i am sucher Clare would love that, wont you dear." Clare just blushed and wraped her arms aroud my neck as a signall to carry her. I did  so and ended up sleeping the night in her suprizenigly comfy bed.


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