Code Breaker

They thought I didn't love him. They thought i just wanted the code. Well they thought wrong. This is a story abut me, Zayn, and our never ending love.


4. A bit of a Twist

Clare P.O.V.:

"For the love of god, Clare wake up" Zyan yells as i flutter my eyes open. I look into his worried brown eyes and say "Well good moring t-" i was able to finish my sentence do to the fact that Zayn pushed me to the ground. I land on my bum and make a big thump i look at Zayn with a questioning face but soon realize that there are some strang looking men with guns out side my window. Quickly, i grab Zayn and roll under my bed lookinhg for some guns. Once i find my guns i grab extra amo and hand a gun to Zayn. We then quietly leave the room with out th- spoke to soon. Cuase theres a gun pointing to my head. I use my super spy instences and grab the gun so it is know faceing the odly familiar musculer man. Wait a minute thats Vendi ( one of my sworen enimies ). I with out hezitaion pull the trigar, but of corse he ducks and know i have a bullet hole one my new floor. Shit. Oh-well. When i turn my head to aim at him agian i see that Zayn elbowed him in the crotch. "Thanks babe" i say with a wink but then remember about my lil bro ( Anthony ) So i tell Zayn to take care of the rest of the men while i look for my lil bro. He nods, with that i leave. I run into to his room and look to see my bro on the bed watching he T.V. I smile and  say " did you not just here the shooting? ". But quickly cover my mouth rememdering that he knows nothing about me and Zayn being spys. Once agian shit. he lauhs  " good one sis, theres tottaly some guy in the flat shooting its not like your watching an action movie with guns!" he says with a bit of sarcasim in the end. I shake my head and sign with relefe washing through my body.

Zyan P.O.V.:

I nod to Clare and kill the rest of the men who are know in the room. But there is still one more man in the room who is not that easy to kill i think his name is... Vendi. Yah thats it Vendi.  What ever, so back to killing this guy, rigth know i am aiming a gun to his chest and i am squating. " Well buddy time to go bu-bye" i say with a hint of angry and with that i shoot him missing of corse he ducks and leaves the room faster than you can say " Bye ". I diside to call tha agentcy and tell them to pick up the bodys ASP that way i could ovide talking to Anthony about why we have five to seven dead bodys in Clare's know bloody room. " Hello.. Yes five to seven bodys all Germen and one guy escaped...Vendi..okay, oh and make shor they pick up the booldy room cuase there is a huge mess.. great, i'm on my way , bye " and with that i clean my self off and make shure i have no blood on me what so ever.


Finally i am doone an know i am sneeking to Anthonys room. I find Clare smileing her head off at Anthony and then shaking her head. I wonder what there talking about.....well lets find out. " Hey, whacha laghing about " i say a little to happy. Clare shoots me a worried smile and say " Its okay there quiffy, no need to act any more. Anthony found out about the shooting prank we played on him " *wink wink* Oh... he doesn't know about me a nd Clare being spys. Okay let me play a long " Shoot I thought we could get him.. we were this close this close " i say while making a gesture with my fingers. Clare smiles and peeks me on the mouth but guilt punches me in the gut makeing the peck horrible. I think hard about why i felt like that until i realize about i lied to Clare about me and Pirrire shoot i gotta tell her. i should do know while shes in a some what of a good mood. " Babe... Babe... are you okay " i snap out of me need thoughts and take a deep breathe i gotta do it know, i gotta do it know. " What, yah doll, but i gotta tell you something really quick. "

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