Dead and Gone

I'm Aria, I faked my death a year ago. I left my three friends Louis Tomlinson, Hanna Marin, and Harry Styles. Why did I fake my death? Well, I had a stalker named Zayn Malik. He was threatening to kill me. So the police helped me arrange my faked death and funeral. But the hardest part of it all was leaving some one I truly loved. Harry Styles. ***One Direction NOT FAMOUS***


24. On Hold

OK guys i'm so sorry but I have a bad case of writers block! So I (Maggi) will not be writing in this for awhile unless i get an idea or if my co-authors think of something. I'm so sorry but please check out, 'How to be a Heartbreaker' and 'His Red Eyes'

I'm soo sorry please forgive me ^.^

~ Maggi


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