Dead and Gone

I'm Aria, I faked my death a year ago. I left my three friends Louis Tomlinson, Hanna Marin, and Harry Styles. Why did I fake my death? Well, I had a stalker named Zayn Malik. He was threatening to kill me. So the police helped me arrange my faked death and funeral. But the hardest part of it all was leaving some one I truly loved. Harry Styles. ***One Direction NOT FAMOUS***


9. Chapter 9

Hanna's P.O.V.

No. This isn't happening. She isn't dead. I look over and see Caleb left. I don't blame him I wouldn't want to listen to silence for 5 hours. I get up and go to the bathroom I see my reflection. I groan at all the mascara marks and my red droopy eyes. I wash my face and reapply my makeup. I go to my phone it says, "1 New Message From: Lou!"

I press reply and it says,"Hey, Han wanna go to the cafe downtown? You know the one Aria always begged us to go to?~Lou"

I slightly smile at the message and tell him i'll go. I go into my closet and grab a sweater and some skinny jeans. I out it all on and grab my Uggs and put them on as I get in my car. I start to drive to the cafe. It takes me about 5 minutes to get there. I park my car and head inside. I go inside and see Louis and Harry sitting at are usual table. Harry looks furious. His knuckles and bruised and blistered and cut. I looks like he punched someone. I walk over to them and notice that Louis is wearing really dark clothes. He always wears happy striped shirts. But I guess Aria's..d-death.. really got to him. I sit down and put my purse in the empty seat beside me, where Aria usually sits. I smile at the boys they both fake a smile to me.

"Harry? What happened to your hand?" I say trying to break the loud silence.

"I go into a fight with Zayn." He spats out. 

I gasp and say, "About what?"

Harry looked me straight in the eye and says, "He killed her."

Harry's P.O.V.

I knew after I said that to Hanna she kinda got really scarred. I shrug and look back in the window and get captured in thought. What if Aria is alive? It just doesn't make sense! I was just talking to her on the phone then apparently when she was putting up her phone she got in a accident. I look over at Louis he is just heartbroken. Aria and him have been friends since kindergarten. She helped him when his parents got a divorce. I look over at Hanna still in shocked at what I just said. I bet she is having the worst time with this. Aria was her only girl best friend. Aria helped her with Caleb because Caleb use to have anger problems and hit Hanna. But Aria got him a counselor and now he is a different person.

I look up at Hanna and say quietly, "Well, what do you think, Hanna?"

She looks out the window and looks back at me, "I don't think she is really gone."



Hey guys! Sorry for lack of chapters! A lot of things going on in my life right now :/ But anyways I will update a lot today! and a new movella will be coming up soon!! PLease go check out "Teenage Runaway" I don't know if i wanna keep it going.. But please COMMENT, LIKE, AND FAVORITE!! ~Maggi

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