Dead and Gone

I'm Aria, I faked my death a year ago. I left my three friends Louis Tomlinson, Hanna Marin, and Harry Styles. Why did I fake my death? Well, I had a stalker named Zayn Malik. He was threatening to kill me. So the police helped me arrange my faked death and funeral. But the hardest part of it all was leaving some one I truly loved. Harry Styles. ***One Direction NOT FAMOUS***


25. Chapter 24

Aria's P.O.V.

I wake up tied to a chair. I look around and see Harry on the floor. I kick him and he groans and turns over. He flutters his eyes open and he sees me. He jumps up and says, "Where are we?"

"I don't know! Get me out of here.", I plead, squirming in the rope. He starts to untie one hand then the other. I rub my wrist as they throb in pain. We look over and there is a door. Harry starts banging his shoulder on it to open it. I look around for something to bang the door with. Harry hits it really hard and it bursts open. He grabs my hand and keeps me close behind him. We walk through the warehouse look and trying to hear something. I hear Zayn's voice and I immediately stop in my tracks pulling Harry close. We keep walking almost to the door, then Zayn appears with a gun in his hand. I gulp clutching to Harry's arm.

Zayn chuckles saying, "Aww you thought you were gonna get away that easy?"

"Zayn.."I start but get cut off by Zayn yelling, "Shut up! Now, Curly, give Aria to me. Then you can leave and she won't get hurt. No one has to die."

He looks over at me then at Zayn, "How can I trust you?"

I let go of Harry's arm saying, "Harry go."

"Aria don't be the hero."

Harry go!", I say louder. Zayn grabs my arm roughly then Harry snatches my other arm, pulling me away from Zayn. I get knocked to the floor. Before I could turn my head I head a gun shot. I scream loud, "HARRY!!"


Hanna's P.O.V.

"Oh God.... This can't be happening Louis! We can't find them! ", I panic as Louis drives fast through the road.

"Hanna just be quiet. Have some faith, eh? Worst thing is that Zayn killed Harry or Aria"

"Louis!", I exclaim

The word killed echoed in my head. What if Aria is really dead this time?

What if Harry got himself killed?

"Sorry..Just being honest!", he says sighing.

I sigh, looking out the window, saying quietly,"Louis I don't think I can go through it again.."

"What are you talking about?", Louis asks.

I sigh, "I can't go through Aria dying again."

"Hanna..stop. She isn't dead." He looks away from the road at me. I smile as he smiles back. 

I look back to the road, screaming, "LOUIS WATCH OUT!"


Next thing I see is black.


This chapter was written by me, Maggi ♡

I'm back, Kitties ;)

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