Dead and Gone

I'm Aria, I faked my death a year ago. I left my three friends Louis Tomlinson, Hanna Marin, and Harry Styles. Why did I fake my death? Well, I had a stalker named Zayn Malik. He was threatening to kill me. So the police helped me arrange my faked death and funeral. But the hardest part of it all was leaving some one I truly loved. Harry Styles. ***One Direction NOT FAMOUS***


17. Chapter 17

Aria's P.O.V.

I was crying. Not of sadness of joy because I'm seeing my best friend for the first time in a year. She starts to cry also and then she says, "Aria?" 

I shake my head yes while hugging her tightly into a hug. We stay in a hug for about 10 minutes. I let go and then look up at Harry who has the biggest smile. He picks me up and spins me around. I laugh then when he puts me down he hugs me tight and kisses my cheek. He lets go then I go to Louis and hug him also. I look back at Hanna who still is in shock and she says, "How is this possible? We went to your funeral. It was on the news! You were buried!!" 

I slightly smile and say, "Well Zayn, he is a bad guy. I went to the police about him controlling me and threatening me. He threaten to kill all of you and me. He made me his personal doll. I couldn't stop him. He wouldn't let me see anyone. I was alone with him. When I went to the police they said they could fake my death so then they could find Zayn. So I was shipped off the Maine. I met a girl named Spencer and a guy named Liam. They were awesome! You guys would like them both. I had a job too. I was a assistant for a magazine. But after a year I got a call saying they caught Zayn. They said I could go home. Now I'm here."

I say with all there eyes on me as tears are falling down. That was my story. My past year of life was fake. It was temporary. Now I'm with my real friends and life. I walk into the living room and they follow.

I smile and say, "What movie tonight?"

They all laugh and Louis shouts, "LET"S WATCH 'LIKE CRAZY'"

We all explode in laughter so does Louis. Hanna gets the movie and puts it in the DVD player. I sit by Hanna and Harry. Louis sits on the floor in front of me. The movie starts and in the middle of the movie Harry puts his arm around me. I look at him and blush. He kisses my cheek then he pulls me closer to him. Hanna looks at us in shock.

She stands up and says, "What is going on here?!" She looks straight at Harry with hurt and anger in her eyes. 

"Hanna what's wrong?"I say but she completely ignores me.

"I love you, Harry. Not in a freaking friend way!" She looks at Harry for maybe 5 minutes and we are all silent.

"Fine I'll just go." She says then walks out the door slamming it behind her.

Louis looks up at me and says, "Welcome home."

I laugh and look at Harry and say, "What all has happened since I left?"



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