Dead and Gone

I'm Aria, I faked my death a year ago. I left my three friends Louis Tomlinson, Hanna Marin, and Harry Styles. Why did I fake my death? Well, I had a stalker named Zayn Malik. He was threatening to kill me. So the police helped me arrange my faked death and funeral. But the hardest part of it all was leaving some one I truly loved. Harry Styles. ***One Direction NOT FAMOUS***


10. Chapter 10

**1 Year Later**


No One's P.O.V.

It's been a year since Aria's fake death. Harry still hasn't moved on and Louis hasn't been the same. Hanna and Caleb broke up so she has been alone lately. They all are gonna stay the night at Aria's house on the anniversary of her "death". Harry has been giving Aria's parents meals everyday. Hanna every night looks at pictures and videos of her and Aria it helps her sleep at night. Louis has been by himself a lot just thinking. He goes to Zayn sometimes to talk to him about Aria. Harry still has hope she is alive so does Hanna, but not Louis. Aria and Liam went on a date a couple of days ago. Aria is still in love with Harry and cries every night cause she misses them so much.  Spencer and Aria are very close, the other night Liam, Spencer, and Aria went to a fancy dinner (pic above ^.^).  Aria and them get along very well. Aria even met Toby, Spencer's boyfriend. Liam has strong feelings for Aria, but Aria doesn't feel the same. The police found a Zayn Malik. But is it the right one ;) ?


Aria's P.O.V.

I woke this morning by the sweet smell of pancakes. I lick my lips and walk to the kitchen. I see Liam in Spencer's apron humming while making pancakes. I laugh and he turns around and his face turns bright red. I go over to the bar and sit down and say, "Uhh Liam? Why are you in a girl's apron?"

"It's comfy! Don't tell Spencer."

Spencer walks in and says, "Don't tell Spencer wha-..Liam! I told you not to wear my apron ever again!"

I start cracking up laughing while spencer hits Liam. Then Liam takes the apron off and continues too make the pancakes. Spencer sits by me and says, "My brother texted me this morning and said we should get a call soon."

"Is it for me?" I say while sipping my orange juice.

"Yea, he didn't tell me what it was about though." 

Liam breaks our conversation by saying, "Pancakes are done!" 

He gets out three plates and puts one pancake on each one. All of of don't talk we just stuff our face with the delicious pancake Liam made.

After I finished chewing I said, "Liam. These pancakes are amazing!"

He smiles proudly and says, "Why thank you! I usually put cinnamon on top but this time I put" Liam was interrupted my the phone ringing. I get up off the chair and walk towards the phone.

I pick it up and say, "Hello, Aria Montgomery speaking"

"Hello, Aria this is the London police station. We have some good news to tell you. We have caught Zayn Malik! That means you can come out of hiding."

My heart stops of excitement and i smile widely to Spencer and Liam and say into the phone, "Thank you so much! You don't even know how much this means to me! When do I get to go back?"

The officer says, "Tomorrow. We will inform your parents of this situation so you can move back in. Today I would advise u to pack up and quit your job and say your goodbyes. The plane will be leaving tomorrow morning at 10:30."

"Thank you so much! I will be ready!" I say maybe to quickly.

"Ok well have a good day ma'am. Goodbye." He hangs up the phone and I just drop it on the floor and run to Spencer and hug her tight.

"Aria you are squishing me!", Spencer says.

"Spencer! They caught him! I'm leaving tomorrow to got home!"

Her face saddens and she says, "That's great. I will miss you like crazy! You are my best friend. My only girl best friend."

"Awww Spencer! I'll miss you too! You have to come and visit! And you will!" We both laugh and Liam looks like he is about to cry.

I walk over to Liam and hug him. I feel a tear drop on my shirt.

"Liam. Don't cry you can come and visit anytime!" He stops crying and looks me straight in the eyes and says, "I love you, Aria"




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