Stuck with Him

Malika has to spend the last two weeks of her summer at her boyfriends resort. It turns out she has to also share a cabin with Rowan (her bf) and Scott, Malika is ok with sharing with Rowan but she despises Scott.


2. WHAT!!!!!!

~Malika's pov~


Once we got to the Chuckry's cabin dad knocked on the beautifully carved door.

Mr.Chuckry opened the door and spoke ''Hello,come on inside dinners almost ready.''

Dad walked in first and shook Mr.Chuckry's hand, then mom waked in and asked where Mrs.Chuckry was,

he told her and she said thank you and walked off, and lastly I walked in and gave him a hug and said hi.

If you are wondering why I hugged him it's because he's like a second dad to me.

I followed my dad and Mr.Chuckry into the sitting room and sat next to my dad.

Once they started to talk about the up coming hockey season and how Rowan and I are probably be the captains...

again, like every year.

I started to tune them out until I heard my mom call my name. I got up and walked over to the dinning room t help set up the plates,

I noticed that there was 9 plates.

Mrs.Chuckry obviously noticed my puzzled look because she said that the Spedman's would be joining us

I just nodded and continued t set the table.

Finally dinner was done and the guys and Mrs. Spedman waked in and took a seat.

I sat in between Rowan and Scott, while Mr.Chuckry sat at one end and my father sat at the other,

Mrs.Chuckry sat across from Rowan, My mom sat across from me, Mrs.Spedman sat across from Scott, and Mr.Spedman sat

next to Scott.

Half way through the meal all the fathers left the room, the boys and I all had puzzled looks on our faces.

Mrs.Chuckry broke the silence ''Well I guess you children are wondering why your fathers left.'' We all nodded

''The reason they left was we have something to tell you kids.'' Mom continued.

The three of them exchanged glances with one another then they all spoke

''Your all sharing a cabin together.'' 

I sat there dumbfounded at what just happened.

Once I finally processed what they just said and got somewhat angry.

''WHAT!!!!'' I yelled.

''Malika let us explain, please sit down.'' My mom asked, more like commanded .



~Rowan's pov~


Did I just hear what I think I heard?

I have to share a cabin with Malika and Scott, this is perfect maybe I can finally get them to like each other.

'' Malika, you,Rowan and Scott will be sharing a cabin for the rest of the summer.'' Mrs.Bnagle said

''I got that much.'' Malika replied not looking at her mother.

''But that's not all.'' Nancy continued (Scott's mom)

''You three will also be driving back to Gillam at the end of the summer, and you will also be sharing an apartment 

therefor the school year.'' My mom finished.

I sat there smiling to myself at the fact I get to live with my girlfriend of 6 years in October, and my best friend since

birth basically, I have four words for this situation. This.Will.Be.Awesome.



~Scott's pov~


I can not believe they are making me live with that girl, don't get me wrong I love Rowan like a brother and I don't

mind sharing with him but her, really I don't get what he sees in her, all I see is a 6'4 girl with long brown hair,

who is super model thin and is better at hockey then most guys.

I just answered my own question.

''What cabin are we staying in?'' asked Rowan

''Cabin 9'' Sherrie answered (Rowan's mom)

''Also, Scott will be sleeping be himself and Malika and Rowan will be sharing a bed, ok?'' Connie stated(Malika's mom).

''Well, thank you fro the lovely dinner Mrs.Chuckry, but I'm going to go get my stuff and go to bed,so

goodnight ladies, see you tomorrow.'' Malika saidas she stood up and walked out of the room.



~Malika's pov~


I walked into the sitting room and said goodnight to the men and left the cabin.

''I cannot believe they are doing this to me, I mean honestly why are they doing this?'' I said to myself

''I mean I love Rowan but I cannot stand Scott, oh well I will just ignore him for you know the rest of the year.'' I sighed 

''You know it's not healthy to talk to yourself.'' I screamed, then I realized Rowan followed me.

''What the hell Rowan?!!'' I asked him even though I half shouted it.

He just shrugged and intertwined our hands and said/sung ''your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me.''

That is what I love about Rowan he is the corniest and most protective guys I know and he also is a killer hockey player.

He kissed me on the temple .

Once we arrived at my cabin we walked inside and grabbed my bag and left.

I took my bag into our room and put everything away and made sure there was space for Rowan's stuff.

Once I finished that I told Rowan I was going to take a shower.

After my shower I put my pj's on and went into a peaceful sleep.


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