1D Imagines

Comment so I can make an imagine for you!!!


2. Ines and Niall Imagine

It was a Monday morning and it was still Spring Break.Just then your iphone 5 rang.Grrrrr!!!You said.You picked up your iphone 5.Hello?You say.Hello Ines.You hear Niall say.Would you like to go on a picnic with me?Niall asked you.I'll love to!!You say.Okay.I"ll pick you up at 8:00.Niall said.Bye.You say.Bye.Niall said back.You got up and got in the shower.You picked out a pink t-shirt and skinny jeans because it was 7:00!!!!You brushed you wet brown hair.Your brown eyes sparkled in your mirror.It was 8:00.Niall came to pick you up.You guys walked to the park because it was close to your house.When you and Niall got there,Niall set up the picnic.You and Niall sat on the mat.You saw Niall pull out a black box.Niall asked you Ines?Yes?You say.Would you be my...um.....girlfriend?He give you a bracelet with a heart and it said Ines.I"ll love to you say as you kiss Niall on the lips.Then it started to rian.Niall pulled the mat and put it on top on you and him.Il love you.You say.I love you too.He said.

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