on my way

7-year-old Cassady is lost in a forest when her parents die on a hiking trip, and she witnessed the whole thing. She suffered a head injury and barely remembers anything. She has to learn to survive in the wilderness all alone. she manages to survive until she is eleven years old. When Cassady hears other hikers talking about something called "civilization", she lets her curiosity get the best of her and tries to find her way to it. She cant do it alone though. Cassady gets help from other people she finds, but she is not sure if she can trust them or not.....


1. Cassady

 I was seven when it happened. When my parents died. We were left stranded in the forest, with only each other to survive. We had little equipment (boots and shoes were all we had) and no food. We decided to hike around and find some food. My dad found a berry bush and after carefully examining a berry he ate it. That's when he died.

   My mom had already consumed half of a berry when she realized how poisonous they were. As I reached over to grab one, my mom quickly slapped it out of my hand. Confused, I looked over to my dad and realized what had happened.  

 " I need you to remember two things. One, always trust yourself and two I will always love you, Cassady."

" I love you too mom." i said.

I was hugging her for what seemed like forever when finally she fell back out of my arms. At that moment i knew i was alone.

Just as i was about to leave, something caught my eye. It was a reflector on my dad's hiking backpack. I knew he wasn't going to need it any more, so i looked inside. i found a flashlight, two water bottles, a granola bar wrapper, a camera, a book about plants, and a weird machine-thingy labeled "GPS". i decided to take the camera, the book, and the flashlight. I wondered why my dad hadn't used the book to look up the berries before he at them. I was debating weather or not i should take the water bottles or not, but i remembered i had my own in my backpack.

As i walked away, tears shed down my face like rain. I was walking for so long i stopped paying attention to my surroundings. as i took one more step i fell and slipped down a hill.

 i hit my head. Hard. that's all i remember from before i reached the bottom.

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