Heir of Nature

Miri is the legitimate, biological daughter of Mother Nature and Father Time. Of course, she is only just figuring this out. A jealous family acquaintance comes into the picture and sets his mind on getting rid of the Miri. She must train quickly in order to be able to defend herself when the need arises. ^^I wrote this story when I was twelve and it makes me laugh to go back and reminisce^^


7. The Battle

It was the morning of my “sweet 16 eve.”

Rosette and I were running near the largest cliff in Anna Rosa. We were planting flowers, trees, bushes, etc. near the rocky edge. Then it happened.

It was all sunny and cheery one moment, and stormy the next. All the frightened messenger robins flew away, except one brave one – ready to assist me when endangered. Then, a jagged blade of lightning shot down from the darkest cloud, killing the loyal creature.

Rosette and I both gasped, but there wasn’t even time for waterworks. He appeared seconds later, on a high branch in a nearby maple tree. He grinned his dangerously beautiful smile. He leaped a dangerously graceful leap from his perch. He took a dangerously confident step forward. He stood a dangerously perfect battle stance 50 feet from Rosette and I. Anyone who witnessed this could tell that Covet was – dangerously enough – not in his right mind.

Rosette’s beautiful voice rang in my head, “I am with you until the end, Miri.”

No,” I telepathically said, “you will go for help.”

“I will not leave my princess’ side!” she argued.

I bit my lip. “Are you sure?” I taunted, “because you will go for help . . . and that’s an order.”

Not breaking my eye contact with Covet, I saw through my peripheral vision, Rosette turn to glare at me before galloping into the trees.

Covet chuckled, breaking the silence. “Quite a feisty doe friend you got there,” he smiled. I shot him a questioning glare. “She said,” he went on, “and I quote, ‘you kill my princess, and I kill you.”

I kept my poker-face on saying, “Sounds fair.” I was proud at how bravely strong and confident my voice sounded. It wasn’t nearly as hard to sound confident when facing your enemy as some stupid novel made it seem. “Maybe this won’t be too bad,” I thought, “I mean, how long could it take for Rosette to get Mom, Dad, Mark, Julia, and David?”

Seconds after I finished my internal thinking session, Covet hit me with his first move . . . a huge fire ball, but I was ready with a water-wall.

I gulped David had called Covet’s powers “little,” but here I was, not even knowing you could create a ball of fire.

I quickly called the breezes to me, spinning them, quickly, round and round, creating a tornado. I began running backwards, keeping my eyes on the Natural Disaster I was creating and the psycho 16-year-old guy advancing towards me with increasing speed.

Then I saw it, he was handling a wind that I recognized from a week ago, when he tried to kill me. I recognized it from the light tint of black it had, marking it the darkest spell of elements of air. David had called it “crap-in-a-box.” Naming it for how it was just “A load of crap” and how it boxed victims in, cutting off all 6 senses (the 6th being the power to control the elements), suffocating the victim till they die.

I shrieked, throwing my tornado at him with all my might, and running as quick as I could.

“Miri!” he shouted over the thunder, tornado, and “crap-in-a-box,” “Miri, I don’t want to hurt you!”


I frowned. Oh, so he was trying to be subtle? Offer me some tea and secretly add some poison wile distracting me with talking about politics? Ha! The whole “try-to-hit-me-with-a-fire-ball” thing kinda gave his intentions away . . .


“You’re trying to kill me!!! Sorry to totally crush you but I think you might hurt me in the process!” I yelled back, my voice loaded with sarcasm. “And I don’t know why you’re even bothering! Like killing me will improve your chances of being Son Nature! They’ll know who did it! Plus, you heard Rosette’s threat! You kill me, she kills you!” And that seriously ticked him off. Turns out, that six-pack and those biceps weren’t nearly as fake as his personality. Giving the yell of a warrior in Pocahontas’s tribe, Covet Kul held out his arms and ran strait for a fairly large tree, hitting it with the force of a steam engine.

I heard cracking as it began to fall towards me and I made a run for it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite quick enough. The very tip of the tree hitting me square on the head.

I tried to consider myself lucky as I pulled my leg out from under the tree. One: The tree could’ve landed right on top of me. Two: I was 12 feet from the cliff’s edge where I could’ve fallen to a rocky death, and Three: I was still alive.

On the downside, however, I was blind from blood in my eyes. I could feel a wound on my head (which was throbbing) and I was pretty sure my leg was broken.

I wiped the blood from my eyes and looked up at Covet, expecting him to be ready to strike, killing me. However, he was crying.

“What have I done?” he whispered. He stepped to the cliff’s edge, bowed to me saying, “Princess Miri, you will make a marvelous queen of the world.” and stepped off the edge.

“No!” I shrieked. My tears now mixing with blood that had started to drip back into my eyes.

Then a voice popped into my head, “Oh Miri! We’re on our way! Three seconds. Hang in there!” It was Rosette . . .

I blinked. They must have heard my scream. David would hate me.

Seconds later, they stepped into the clearing: Mark, Julia, Rosette, Mother, Father, and David.

“Miri!” David cried, running over to me. He scooped me up, carefully cradling me in his arms. “Where is he? Where is that *blankedy-blank-blank*?”

“Oh David!” I croaked “I’m so sorry! You’ll hate me forever! I love you . . .” I trailed off.

“Oh . . .” I heard Mark say somewhere nearby.

“Darling,” my mother said, teary eyes, “Where is he?”

I raised a weary finger, pointing roughly in the cliff’s direction.

Someone, probably Julia, sucked in a breath. David buried his head into me, crying silently. I kissed his hand, a drop of teary blood sliding onto him, the boy who I loved, who would hate me from now until forever.

“Lucille,” my father’s soft, kind voice whispered, “I’m going to put a simple time spell that I use on the border on her. Our daughter has had enough for one night. My mother sniffled an agreement. Then, with David’s arms around me and his head on my shoulder, I fell into a warm, beautiful, dreamless sleep.   

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