Heir of Nature

Miri is the legitimate, biological daughter of Mother Nature and Father Time. Of course, she is only just figuring this out. A jealous family acquaintance comes into the picture and sets his mind on getting rid of the Miri. She must train quickly in order to be able to defend herself when the need arises. ^^I wrote this story when I was twelve and it makes me laugh to go back and reminisce^^


3. Rosette

Later that month, I was sitting in our home’s courtyard when my mom walked in talking to my dad. “Peter,” she said, “Why don’t you tell her?”

“Now Lucille,” he said, wagging a finger at her, “It’s your business. What I mean by that is, it’s between you and her.”

My mom was about to argue back when I asked, “Tell me what?”

My mom looked over at my dad and he motioned, “go ahead” with his hands. She rolled her eyes and began, “Well honey, do you remember us telling you about Rosette?” I nodded. “Well, yes.” My mom went on, “She has been taking care of some things out in the forest and she is returning tonight. A robin cam up to us (your father and I) earlier today bearing a message from Rosette. She says that when she gets here, she’d like to meet you and train with you. She hopes that one day, when you are Mother Nature, she can be your worthy assistant. She would be helpful when our lessons become more advanced. Like: talking to animals…”

I grinned, “I’d love that!” I exclaimed, “I’ve wanted to meet her since Day one!

My mom smiled, “I’ll let her know…” and with that, she hurried off to call a messenger robin.

My father came to sit by me in the grass, “So, how’s training coming?” He asked, smiling.

“Great!” I exclaimed and ran over to a flower bud in a flower garden on the opposite side of the court yard. “Watch!” I said. I concentrated hard, beads of sweat forming on my forehead, when a small sunbeam shone down on the bud and it began to bloom. “This part takes a while…” I trailed of because all of a sudden it was as though I was watching a VCR tape of the flower in fast-forward. It grew a little taller, finished blooming into a lovely daisy, then the petals drooped, fell one by one to the ground, the stem crumpled up, and it was gone as quick as it had come. I stared at my father: father Time and smiled. “Hey,” I said, ”we make a good team.”

He smile and then Mother walked in. She came over to the garden, “Lesson time.” She announced.

“Kay. See ya dad!” I called as he left the court yard.

Lessons went by quickly that day. We worked more with flowers and then moved on to approaching squirrels and rabbits without them running from you. (In which I succeeded 30/100 times.) Before long, I was getting changed into my best outfit (a knee-length dress made of soft, fuzzy, milkweed leaves with two straps made from vines along with several light-pink flowers.) and hurrying to the main garden to wait for Rosette. And I was early, just in case. In fact, I was 30 minutes early…But so was Rosette.

She appeared through the trees a soft white glow to her. She approached me with a magnificent grace and then I heard it. It was SO remarkable, for I’d never heard an animal speak before. But I heard her speak my name. She didn’t move her mouth but I heard her say it. Her voice was a beautiful, friendly sound. It was full of love. “Rosette.” I said; my voice full of awe. And after the word, her name, had left my lips, I knew she understood it. I knew I had spoken deer. She touched her nose to my nose. Her magnificent eyes were in front of mine. I gestured towards the house after a moment and she gave an awkward nod.

When we walked through the vines, acting as a front door. I could tell Rosette had already used her telepathic-deer-voice to announce her arrival. My parents were waiting for us in the entry way. “Miri!” my mother exclaimed, “Rosette has told me everything. Congrats!” She beamed at me. “You two better get some rest. We’ll start training tomorrow…”

I turned to Rosette to see if she was getting all this. She was. I realized that Mom was probably telepathically translating.

Rosette and I waked to my room. I took my place at my bed (the frame was made of small branches, twigs and vines with tiny pink flowers growing off it.) And Rosette slept in my miniature “4-seasons” garden in the portion of the room under the main window. Before I drifted off to sleep, I looked over at my “friend-since-birth,” now fast asleep in the “Spring” section of the garden (which was starting to sprinkle rain from miniature clouds hovering above Rosette’s head).

I smiled. I thought my life was good before, but now it was great . . . my home, my training, my family, friends. I felt on top of the world. Nothing could go wrong.

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