Heir of Nature

Miri is the legitimate, biological daughter of Mother Nature and Father Time. Of course, she is only just figuring this out. A jealous family acquaintance comes into the picture and sets his mind on getting rid of the Miri. She must train quickly in order to be able to defend herself when the need arises. ^^I wrote this story when I was twelve and it makes me laugh to go back and reminisce^^


1. Revelations

It happened on a beautiful day. I’m not sure of the exact date, but I know it was in the late spring of 2010. My mother, Julia James, picked me up from school, same as any other day. What was different, however, is that my dad, Mark, came with her. My first thought was that he just got off his job early, but I changed my mind when he started driving towards the state border instead of towards my home. In the opposite direction. I was waiting for the right moment to ask where we were going, thus, the silence lasted three hours.

Finally, my mom turned in her seat. “Miri,” she said, eyes brimming with tears,” I love you. When you wake up, we won’t be there, but we’ll come back.” I felt shock over come me. I was unable to speak. My mom went on. “We are about to cross the border into Anna Rosa,” she explained, “and when we do, a strong spell will cast you into a deep sleep. Though you aren’t mortal, you haven’t had your parents blessing, so the spell will affect you. When Mark and I get to the gate, Rosette will be waiting for you. She will take you to your real home where you’ll wake and your real parents will explain more. I can only imagine how baffled you must be. I really wish we could explain more, but the border approaches us rapidly. In less than thirty seconds, you will be sleeping.”

I recovered from my shock enough to think. Did my mom call me “immortal”? I knew she mentioned an “Anna Rosa” and “Rosette”, but what and who were they? And what’s all this about my “real home” and my “real parents”? I glanced out the window and saw private property signs and warning signs stating that there was a $5,000 fine if you continued driving in that direction.

Up ahead, I could see a beautiful wood. It had a grand feeling about it. Like you’ve been on vacation and you’re just returning to you’re just returning to your “home-sweet-home”. Was this the supposal “Anna Rosa” where my “real parents” lived in my “real home”? Before I could ask these questions, I felt complete tiredness overcome me.

“See ya soon, your highness.” Julia said, smiling sadly. Then, everything went black.

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