Heir of Nature

Miri is the legitimate, biological daughter of Mother Nature and Father Time. Of course, she is only just figuring this out. A jealous family acquaintance comes into the picture and sets his mind on getting rid of the Miri. She must train quickly in order to be able to defend herself when the need arises. ^^I wrote this story when I was twelve and it makes me laugh to go back and reminisce^^


8. Recompense

 When I awoke, I was in great pain. I turned my head to discover my father sitting by my bedside, his eyebrows pulled together.

“Honey,” he said, his face relaxing, “I’m so sorry. You must be in great pain. I was hoping you’d sleep through this . . . I’m speeding up the healing process. It’ll only take three minutes and you’ll be good as new, but it’ll hurt. We don’t have to if you’d rather . . .”

“No . . .” I smiled, “it’s fine . . .” I bit my lip and closed my eyes, “go ahead.” Then the pain was back, my head and leg burning. I tried to put my mind elsewhere . . . David. Oh David! He hated me! He’d never speak to me again! I didn’t even realize my father had finished – or that I was crying.

“Oh honey!” he said, “I’m sooo sorry! I know it hurts . . .”

“No Dad,” I stopped him, “It’s David, I really love him and now he hates me.” I swallowed.

He raised his eyebrow, “Okay honey I know you’re 16 today, and it’s great that you like David, but there will be no loving boys until you’re at least 40 . . .”

I rolled my eyes. It didn’t matter if your dad was “Father Time,” they were all the same. The only things (in their eyes) girls could love at my age were puppies, family, and pizza.

“Life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan . . . but that’s okay, things happen for the better.” My dad smiled as he helped me out of bed and walked me to his study where my mom was waiting with about seven presents: four dresses, one bed comforter, one pendent (of the elements), and one “free re-do ticket” where my father would use his powers to let me re-do something. (It had to follow the laws of nature – so no bringing Covet back.)

After the small family party, I retold the events of the day before.

In the end, my mother was crying and my father was mumbling about “allergies” while also tearing up.

“Well,” my mom said, drying her tears and standing up. “We better get to that funeral service.”

I nodded in agreement as I grabbed my presents and headed for my room. Once there, I changed into one of my new dresses that my mom had bought (last night) just for today.

It was a knee-length, spaghetti-strap, black dress with a small bouquet of black flowers and a small black veil.

I walked out to the main garden and saw everyone wearing a very unusual wardrobe. Ever since I had gotten to Anna Rosa, I had only seen people wearing home-made clothes (besides the Kul twins who always wore old jeans and were bare-chested). However, today, everyone was wearing store-bought clothes: my mother and Julia in dark-purple dresses, my father, Mark, and David in suits, and myself in a cute, black dress.

I saw a hand-made wood coffin sitting in the middle of everyone. Without thinking, I slowly glided up to it and touched it. When I did, a dark purple flower grew up from the coffin. I glided my fingers across the smooth surface, leaving a trail of baby flowers behind them.

I continued decorating the coffin with different shades of purple flowers. Next, I moved to the forest floor around it. Raising my hands, I caused earth to be pulled out and set in a pile. Above the hole, I created a small cloud and let rain fall, filling the hole with pure water. I outlined the crystal-clear pond with pebbles and moved on. In 30 minutes, I had made a beautiful memorial to Covet Kul. I stepped back to admire my work when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was David, his dark blue eyes rimmed with tears. He took my hand and led me across the garden to the other side of the house. He sat down on a wooden bench I had made with my mother as one of my “homework” assignments when I first started training. Pulling me down next to him, he spoke.

“Miri,” he said, “your mother told me about last night . . . how my brother committed suicide. I thought you pushed him off the cliff, but even if you did . . .” he sighed, then tried again, “He was nuts, but he was my little brother. I have to cry and be sad, but if he tried to kill you, and you defended yourself by killing him . . . I would be able to forgive you. . . However, if he tried to kill you and you didn’t fight back . . .” he swallowed. I knew he was getting at something that was hard for him . . . was it telling me that he hated me for killing his brother? He went on, “Miri, if my brother, Covet Kul, killed you, I couldn’t forgive him . . . I would seek him out myself . . .” he swallowed again and took my face in between his hands, “I love you. You know that?” I smiled, my eyes getting teary. Dang, I was such a crybaby!

“Well,” I replied, “now I do.” He wrapped his strong arms around me, holding me close. I blushed as he lightly pressed his lips to mine. I smiled. I had no worries. My little piece of sunshine was slowly, but surely, getting brighter.




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