Heir of Nature

Miri is the legitimate, biological daughter of Mother Nature and Father Time. Of course, she is only just figuring this out. A jealous family acquaintance comes into the picture and sets his mind on getting rid of the Miri. She must train quickly in order to be able to defend herself when the need arises. ^^I wrote this story when I was twelve and it makes me laugh to go back and reminisce^^


6. David Kul

I was surprised to discover that David was even cuter than his twin. And I’ll admit it, him being there made it harder to concentrate (I was now counting down the three days till I turned 16 and we’d be the same age.) Though he made it harder to concentrate, he was an excellent teacher! In just two lessons he taught, I had made a full-sized tornado. Sure, it destroyed the entire main garden, but Mother Nature and Father Time fixed it . . . plus, I had bigger problems on my mind. Every time Dave talked to me I blushed . . .grrrrrrr! Life was so complicated, but, I moved on.

One day, when David was teaching me, a random thought came to my mind. “David,” I said, “Don’t get me wrong, I love you teaching me . . . but, why did you come all the way just for that? Why couldn’t my mom just teach me?”

I saw David blush, “Um, well . . . I’m kinda better at defending myself against forces such as my brother’s . . . I’ve experienced his anger since I was little. He’s nuts. Your mom brought me here to pretty much be your protector. One minute, Covet could be watering a forest with a light shower, then, if he gets frustrated somehow, he could send lightning and thunder and the forest would be reduced to ash the next. He was born with powers and he can’t control them, which is dangerous. To be quite honest I think our mother dropped him – or, actually hit him over the head with a hammer when he was little.” he turned to me and winked chuckling.


I rolled my eyes, “okay moving on!” I said jokingly and that was the end of that subject.

So David Kul was my “protector.” I sighed. Great.. I just hoped I wouldn’t need one.

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