Heir of Nature

Miri is the legitimate, biological daughter of Mother Nature and Father Time. Of course, she is only just figuring this out. A jealous family acquaintance comes into the picture and sets his mind on getting rid of the Miri. She must train quickly in order to be able to defend herself when the need arises. ^^I wrote this story when I was twelve and it makes me laugh to go back and reminisce^^


5. Covet Kul

The next morning, Julia and Mark James came. After a tearful greeting, I was expecting a walk through the main garden, afternoon tea, and perhaps a few games in the evening, but I was oh-so-wrong. By afternoon, Mother, Father, Julia, and Mark were already in my father’s study acting all serious. They were in there until 4pm. Seven hours. Rosette had helped me make a salad for lunch, and when the “adults” got out of their “meeting” we had a 5:00 dinner – not a “welcome back” feast – a small, short dinner.

Later, at 9pm, I was sitting in the hall waiting for my parents and Rosette to get out of their “meeting in the courtyard,” when Julia and Mark walked past, but not alone like I’d expect…

Between Mark and Julia was undoubtedly the “he” who “Knows”, looking like he had just traveled a great distance: a weary traveler (and a very cute one at that.) He was strong and bare-chested. He had a six-pack and a single gold earring. His eyes were the deepest, dark blue you had ever seen. He had worn jeans with several holes and wore a shark-tooth necklace around his neck. His hair was dirty-blonde, shaggy and longer- but not too long, the perfect length. The “He” who “knows” didn’t notice me in the shadows of the hallway, and neither did Mark or Julia as they led him into the courtyard.

They started talking in the courtyard and then the discussion grew heated, “You know how long I’ve wanted this!” The “He” who “Knows” shouted, “Why her?!?! Why not me!?”

“BECAUSE,” my father’s big voice echoed through the forest, making me jump, “SHE IS OUR DAUGHTER! SHE IS THE HEIR, AND THAT IS THAT!”

I let my mouth drop. My dad was obviously ticked off at this boy who, apparently, wanted my place of Daughter/Son Nature.

Then, it was quiet. I silently snuck through the courtyard entrance to see what was up. There he was. He was storming out of the courtyard when I stepped into his way. Great. I just got all the luck didn’t I? I froze, terrified, trying to measure the danger of the situation and his next act told me it was pretty bad. He smiled, his white, perfectly straight teeth glowing, and suddenly a huge gust of wind started to push on me from all sides. I heard thunder, screaming, and arguing before the wind cut off my hearing. I felt sick. I couldn’t breathe, and then it ended, as suddenly as it had started. I fell to the ground, gasping for air. I looked up and saw Rosette standing threateningly in front of the man who tried to kill me, who had been captured by Mark and Julia. My father’s eyes were bloodshot and he was yelling at the man (some very choicey words which I won’t mention). My mother was running towards me, tears running down her cheeks (which explained the drizzle and little grey clouds overhead.) When she got to me, she led me to my father’s study where she sat me behind his desk, “We’ll explain, love,” She said, drying her tears, “When you father gets here.”

When my dad came, they told me the man-who-tried-to-kill-me’s story. His name is Covet Kul (16), twin of David Kul. He’s never been quite right in the head. He has major mood-swings. When he’s in his right mind, he’s apparently a real sweet, nice guy (At this my father grunted, “If only he was more like David…”) He’s wanted to have my mother train him and wanted to be her heir since he was seven. When he found out I was going to mother nature’s heir and was in training, he…well – pretty much Spazzed, and tonight during his “visit”, he got mad when he saw me and used his little amount of talent to try to hurt me.


My mom finished telling me Covet’s story (and my dad, finally stopped grunting and swearing under his breath) and they announced that I would be training a lot harder now so that I would be prepared if Covet tried to hurt me again. Also, David, Covet’s twin, would be coming to help me train. . . Besides that one piece of good news, I was beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, my little piece of sunshine wasn’t so sunny after all.

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