The Love Of A Daughter

Harry & Lauren have been together for a year now. When Lauren gets sick Harry takes to the hospital. She finds out she is pregnant, Harry tells her to abort. Will she do it? Read The Love Of A Daughter to find out.


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV 

I was really worried about Lauren. I hope it's nothing serious.

When I got to the sound check I saw that all the boys were there. When I went inside I saw that they were all angry. "What?" I said with a confused look on my face. "You're 20 minutes late!" Yelled Liam. "Oops, Sorry guys, Lauren has been sick lately and she puked today." I said. "Oh, well in that case....." Said Liam. "Okayyyy, lets get started!" Yelled Zayn 

We went inside the little booth and started off with Change My Mind.


Lauren'S POV

 I woke up and threw up. Not a very pleasant morning. I took a shower and changed. I got my purse and iPhone. I went downstairs and saw Harry leaning on the couch scrolling through his phone. "Ready?" He asked. "Yeah" I said. 

We went outside and into the car. The hospital wasn't so far from our apartment. We finally got there. Harry went to the front desk and signed my name. We waited only 5 minutes before the doctor called me. Harry held my hand as we entered the room.

"Okay, Are you Lauren Collins?" Asked the Doctor. "Yes" I said. She had her blonde hair up in a bun and she had big brown eyes. "Okay, what has happened?" She asked. "I have been getting these massive headaches and I threw up twice." I said. "Okay, You either have the flu or you're pregnant." She said. 

"What?!" Said Harry before anybody said anything else. "You better take the fucking test right now!" Yelled Harry. "Harry! Calm down!" I said. "NO!" He yelled. For the first time since I've met Harry I was scared of him.

"Please be patient Mr. Styles. I will go get the test." She stood up and vanished out of the room. Harry grabbed my arm really tight. "This is all your fault!" He yelled. I had tears in my eyes now. The doctor came back with the test in her hand. She took my arm and put the shot in my arm. She took it out. 

About 5 minutes later we got an answer. It was positive. I was so happy! I looked over at Harry with a smile on my face, he wasn't happy at all. "Would you like to see the baby?" Asked the doctor. "Yeah" I said. "Okay, come with me." We all stood up and went inside a really cold room.

"Lay down on the bed." Said the doctor. I walked up to the bed and laid down. She pulled up my shirt and put this really cold gel on my belly. "How long has it been since you've been getting these headaches?" She asked. "About a week." I said. She took out something that looked like a scanner and technically scanned it around my belly. "There it is." She said. I looked at the screen and saw a little gray outline. "The baby is about 2 weeks old."  She said. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. "When will I find out it's gender?" I asked. "In about three months." She said.

She took the scanner and put it back where it was. She took out a towel and wiped off the gel on my belly. I put my shirt down and stood up. Harry was just sitting there, he was really angry. I tried to grab his hand but he just put it behind his back. 

The ride home was completely quiet. This is not going to be pretty.

Authors Note

Hey Guys! What do you think? I've gotten a few comments! Thanks. Ill try to update tomorrow. I'm not sure since it Easter tomorrow. Follow me on Instagram! 1D account - @larryurcute -- Demi account - @demiistagram


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