In The Sky[Chapter Three] (2)

This is for the Branching Contest. I have used these 2nd one to continue my story from the one by Genny Lawrence (2). The story of Kieran a boy where one symbol existing in one moment can connect two worlds, his life is parallel to Izalla's..


1. The Girl

Kieran continued walking down the busy streets. He passed many busy people, men and women dressed in suits running to the nearest train station, mothers pushing their buggy which held babies, a group of children all dressed in a blue suit walking down the pavement with their teachers, school trip guessed Kieran. He stuffed his hand in his pockets, still shocked about the cut healing itself. Kieran took one last glance at his palm to examine the damage; all that was left of the wound was a pin thin scar. Kieran shoved his hand in his pocket, and looked around the streets. There was the fruit market, where Mr. Leo was standing, selling a bunch of bananas. Kieran turned his head to look at something else, when he spotted a girl about his age, about fourteen with pretty shiny brown hair that hung around her face in ringlets, and warm brown eyes. The girl was wearing a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt. A pair of designer sun glasses sat on her hair. The girl was staring at the fruits, licking her lips hungrily. She looked like she didn't fit in, like she was lost. But who would know that, except from someone like Kieran. He knew how it felt to feel like he didn't fit in. He didn't fit in, and wouldn't ever. He walked to Mr. Leo, approaching him. The old man was like a friend to Kieran, he was in his late forties or early fifties, and was bald, but had kind green eyes. He smiled when he spotted Kieran.

"Kieran, what has brought you here" Mr. Leo asked.

"Just someone I needed to see, could I buy a bunch of apples" Kieran asked.

"Sure" Mr. Leo answered.

"How much is it" Kieran asked, pretending to shove his hand in his pocket, he really didn't have any money, and hoped Mr, Leo didn't ask for money.

"You don't need to pay, take it as a token of gift" Mr. Leo beamed, handing Kieran five red juicy apples.

"Thanks" Kieran exclaimed, taking the juicy apples.

He spotted the girl staring at the clouds curiously. Kieran looked up, but could not see anything apart from white fluffy clouds. He walked to the girl.

"Here" Kieran exclaimed, handing the girl the apples.

"Thanks" the girl answered, taking two red apples.

Kieran watched the girl munch the apples loudly, and then the girl looked at Kieran and smiled.

"I'm Kieran" Kieran introduced.

"Izalla" the girl replied.

"That's a nice name" Kieran mumbled.

"I like your name, Kieran" she whispered, in an intoxicating voice, and then went back looking at the clouds..

Kieran had hated his name, but he found that his name from the girl's mouth sounded interesting. He had always hated his name, wished his name was something scary like Crusher, but now he just smiled when he heard his name.

"What are you looking at in the clouds?" Kieran asked.

"Do you see that cloud it looks like a hieroglyphics" Izalla exclaimed, pointing at a cloud.

Kieran looked at the cloud and shrugged, to him it looked normal, just a fluffy white cloud, how could this girl be seeing something so different from him.

"Not really" Kieran mumbled.

"Look at it carefully" Izalla pointed out, holding Kieran's hand, and pointing him at a cloud.

Now that he saw it, it kind of looked like a hieroglyphics, if he had seen it before, he would have just seen it like a cloud, but now that he took a good look at it, he could see the shape of a strange hieroglyphic.

"I see it!" Kieran exclaimed.

"And what else do you see, I told you can see different things in the clouds, only if you take a good look can you see what the clouds show" Izalla sighed.

"I never thought that clouds can show things" Kieran mumbled.

"Duh, What else do you see?" Izalla asked, staring at the clouds.

Kieran stared intensely at a cloud, concentrating as hard as possible. Then gasped in shock, when he realized what he had just seen.

"I see a flower!"

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