Chance of a lifetime

When twins Susan and Charlie get picked from their school to go to Hogwarts for a month, their lives turn upside down. Charlie's tomboy nature leads her to spending time with the Weasly twins, while Susan's goody-goody appearance means a quick starting friendship for her and Hermione. Read how Hogwarts changed their lives forever!


1. Lumos - To produce light.

Susan's POV

It was the middle of English, when the runner for this hour came to the door. He handed the teacher a note before hurrying off. "Smiths!" Charlie & I looked up at him simultaniously. "Head's Office. Now." We walked out of the classroom with 20 pairs of eyes watching our every move. I had to follow Charlie, because I don't know where the Head's office is.Charlie goes to the Head teacher's office everyday, but I've only ever been once. It was on the first day of starting this school. Charlie threw a stick through a window and, looking identicle to her back then, no-one was sure which one of us had done it. After that, however, Charlie cut off her plaits and stayed with short hair. Apparently, she didn't like me getting all the credit from the cool kids.

Anyway, we eventually got to a big, wooden door with the name Mr O. Hallington on a golden plaque. Charlie knocked on the door furiously before entering anyway. Being the timid student I am, I walked behind her, being as small as possible. At a desk was the Head teacher, a big burly man with a hard expression, however, behind him was a man with a soft expression, a long silvery beard and half cresent spectacles. "Girls," the Head teacher said, "We have been given the honour of having two randomly picked students going to a school for 1 week, as an exchange idea. If all goes to plan, we will have a friendship between this school and ours for many years. Hogwarts, as the school is called, has randomly chosen you 2 for a reason which is unknown. This is the Headmaster, Proffesor Dumbledore. He will take you to get your things for the trip, for the rest of the day. Your parents have been notified, so good luck and remember that you are representing the school." The man behind him came forward and shook each of our hands. "Thank you for this oppertunity, Mr Mallington. Good evening Charlotte, Susan." Charlie looked grumpy at the sound of her full name & Mr Hallington was going to correct the Proffesor, but he continued, " Right, for the rest of the day, I will be taking you to shops in a place we call Diagon Alley. I've got the correct currency for you two here, so if you will take my arm, we can go." I hung onto the sleeve of his robe for dear life, when a strange sensation came over me.

When I opened my eyes, I found that we had appeared at the top of a road. It was like a normal street, but it had miniscule differences. For example, the people who surrounded us wore robes and carried sticks. Also, there was the taste of candyfloss in the air and it smelled like the inside of a sweet shop. When I looked on the other side of Dumbledore, I saw Charlie staring wide-eyed at the surroundings. Dumbledore smiled to himself, before taking us to the shop nearest us. It had a large stick like the ones the people around us were carrying. On the stick there was the words 'Ollivanders, makers of fine wands since 382 BC. I had to blink at it to make sure I was reading it right. 382 BC? Wands? Everything about this shop is impossible, isn't it? When we got inside there was an old man looking through boxes. Without turning he said, "Ah, Dumbledore. To what do I owe the pleasure?" He turned, saw us and started rifling through boxes, before producing one with a stick in it. He held it out to Charlie. "Here you go. 7 and a half inches, flexible with a warewolf blood core." Charlie held it out, when Dumbledore protested. "No, no, we're here to get these 2 your special wands. You know the muggle on..." He was cut short by a blast of air coming from Charlie as she heldup the.wand. Dumbledore looked perplexed, while Ollivander went to a small shelf, got a box and held it out to me. "Here, wizard blood, muggle blood & witch blood. Only for muggles." I frowned. Why was this man calling me a muggle? Also, was this piece of wood really a wand?

We went to a few more shops before stopping at an ice-cream parlour. I stayed safe with vanilla, while Charlie was daring and had... cockroach cluster with a hint of chocolate? When we were sat down with Dumbledore and his bertie bot's every flavour scoops special, he toke a deep breath and said," There's something you need to know. Hogwarts is special... it's a school for people who are witches and wizards." Charlie was still stuffing her face like she hadn't heard anything, while i had  dropped my spoon back into the bowl. So, magic was real? Witches, wizards... they're all real? Amazing. Once we had finished our ice-cream, we went through the same routine we did to get here & appeared in front of our house. Once I'd turned around, Dumbledore was gone. Behind me, Charlie said, "This is going to be the best week ever." I had to agree with her.

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