Chance of a lifetime

When twins Susan and Charlie get picked from their school to go to Hogwarts for a month, their lives turn upside down. Charlie's tomboy nature leads her to spending time with the Weasly twins, while Susan's goody-goody appearance means a quick starting friendship for her and Hermione. Read how Hogwarts changed their lives forever!


8. Expecto Petronum - Protection against Dementors

Susan's POV

Today was the first day of lessons and I was really nervous. I'm usually the know-it-all, but what if I just didn't feel right, being the muggle? At 7, I got into my Hogwarts uniform and went down the stairs. To my surprise, Charlie was already down there, leaving with Fred and George. What happened to being the new girls together? Granted, Charlie was never one to stick as a pair, but I thought she would be just as confused as I was.

I finally figured out how to get to the Great Hall and sat down next to Hermione, with the other two opposite us, when an owl appeared. I assumed that it was a school owl and when I was given the piece of parchment by the owl, I found it was the timetable for the week. For Tuesday, I had a Free Period first, then Transfiguration, History of Magic, Potions and Defense against the Dark Arts. Two lessons with the Slytherins, one with Hufflepuff and one with Ravenclaw. I studied the rest of the week, before realising that Hermione was reading over my shoulder.

"Oh you have a free lesson first, great! We have one too, so we can show you around before second class." I agreed, only to be pulled away from my almost finished toast by Charlie.

"What have you got, today?" She asked, before taking my timetable and comparing the two. "So you have DADA today, as well." She held me by the shoulders, before whispering, "Be careful of Umbridge! From what I've heard, she'll give us detentions just for breathing." She let go of me and, returning to her normal volume said, "Now, I have to go. Don't want you to ruin my reputation, before I even meet anyone. See ya!" She walked off without a second glance.

By Transfiguration, I'd been shown every single classroom in Hogwarts by Hermione, plus I'd been introduced to Hagrid and shown every shortcut I needed, by Harry. He reckoned with Hermione that I may need them at some point. Finally, the trio went back to the Common Room, leaving me to wander the corridors alone.

Ten minutes later, I was completely lost. Everywhere I turned, I ended up in an area similar to the one I'd just left. "How on Earth am I going to survive in a huge place like this..." I muttered to myself, annoyed that I'd let such a thing occur. I could be going over my textbooks for the next class, but no, I might not even get there in time. As I walked around a corner, I bumped into someone.

"Oh lord, I'm so sorry..." I trailed off as I realised who I'd bumped into. "You're... Fred right? My sister's supposed to be looked after by you and your twin."

Fred laughed slightly, before saying, "Well, you got my name right, surprisingly. Charlie's gone off somewhere with George and I'm looking for them. Are you lost?" I looked down and nodded, slightly embarrassed by this. "Don't worry; everyone does at some point. I'll take you back to the Common Room if you like." I mumbled a thanks, before setting off with him.

The silence on the way through the corridors was awkward, so I tried to attempt making conversation, "So, what are the lessons like around here? Are the teachers nice?" Fred thought for a moment, before replying, "Well, I suppose they're alright, though I'm not really sure. Pranks do tend to put a damper on the teacher's moods." I laughed at that response.

The conversation got more comfortable from then and soon we were standing in front of the Fat Lady. Fred rummaged in his robe pocket, before pulling out a blank piece of parchment. "Here, it's a basic map of Hogwarts. At the moment, you have to say 'Hogwarts' for it to appear, but you can change it. I thought you could probably use it more than me, seeing as you might get lost again." I stared at it, before looking up. "Thanks," I grinned, "That's sweet."

He looked at the floor before quickly saying goodbye and walking off to find George and Charlie. I looked at it again and entered the Common Room to get ready for the next lesson.

A/N: Right, I know I said that the winners of the competition would be in the next chapters, but I wanted to do a chapter of Susan and Fred, to see how it would go. Tell me what you think of the chapter and any other shippings you think I should do. Keep writing!

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