Chance of a lifetime

When twins Susan and Charlie get picked from their school to go to Hogwarts for a month, their lives turn upside down. Charlie's tomboy nature leads her to spending time with the Weasly twins, while Susan's goody-goody appearance means a quick starting friendship for her and Hermione. Read how Hogwarts changed their lives forever!


3. Competition time!

I was thinking about making up some characters, but I thought 'Hey, why not ask readers to be characters?' So, if you want to be a character, just say this about you:

Name (First name, rather than username):




Who you want to be friends with (Susan or Charlie):

5 words to describe you:

Half-Blood, Pure-Blood or Muggle-Born (It doesn't matter, I'm just curious):

I need 2 at the very least, though 4-8 would be ideal. Once I get enough people I'll comment saying so and announce who it is in this chapter. Good Luck!

Louise x

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