How Much Do You Love Them?

How far would you go, to prove your love for somebody? To get them back, and hold them in your arms once again. Justin Is put to the test when his sister gets kidnapped, and is put through a series of test, just to prove, how far he will go to get her back. Would you give up, or never stop? He has 5 days, and must go through misery, pain and suffering, in his attempt to get Jazmyne back. So... Are you ready to be put to the test? Let's find out....


1. How Far Would You Go?

"Jazzy! Jazmyn, where are you!?"

I called her name over and over. I am in the streets in Los Angeles. It's pouring down rain. But I don't care. I have to find her. I ran farther down the street, continuing to scream her name, desperate to find her.

Her voice. "Justy!"

I turned around to see a small shadowy figure. Jazmyn! I ran towards her, my arms open wide. I tried to wrap my arms around her, but she disappeared, like she wasn't there. I looked around. Where did she go? I opened my hand, to see a note.

What the..?

I open it up.

It says: "How much do you love her?"

 I drop it to the ground. I slowly start to collapse. Everything is getting blurry. Everything is spinning. I hear a loud noise so I turn around to see a semi truck coming toward me. Then I hear laughter. I look at the sidewalk on the left and she there. She's running across the street to me.

"Jazmyn, NO! Wait!"

I ran out in front of the semi and wrap my arms around her, my back facing the front of the vehicle. I hear it pass and I open my eyes. I look down at my arms to see she isn't there. I turn to face the road, and there she is.

No No..

I... I wasn't fast enough.

"Jazzy, No! No, You can't be gone!"

I put my hand behind her head, supporting it and pick her up. I kneel down. Tears start to run down my face. No. No... How could this happen? What kind of brother am I? I wrap my arms tight around her now lifeless petite body. I run my hands through her hair. She's too young, her life has barely begun. Why her?

I can hardly feel the rain anymore. "I'm so sorry. How could this happen? How could I let it? My job as your older brother is to protect you, and make you happy. And now.. I can't even do that..."

I start to cry harder. I grab the end of my hair and start pulling it. I put my hand back down, when I see something on it. Blood. It's covered in blood. What? How could I be bleeding? I start to try to stand up, but I fall right back down. I feel a sharp pain, and I scream. When I look down, there's a knife in my side. I looked back up and saw a figure.

"How far would you go, to save someone you love?" A voice from the shadow.

I looked at it, confused. I knitted my eyebrows together.

"For her, I would do anything." I replied, barely audible.

A cold, low chuckle rumbled out from the figure. "Well. We'll see about that."

He took a gun and put it to my head. The last thing I heard was him pulling the trigger.


 I sat up screaming. I was panting, my heart racing and sweat dripping. I looked around the room. It..It was a dream? It was so real... I got up and ran into the other room as fast as I could. I sharply turned the corner  and looked in Jazmyn's room. She's gone. Oh Shit! I ran into the other bedroom and the small bathroom. She isn't here. Oh god... I rushed down the stairs, almost tripping, and started calling her name.

"Jazmyn! Jazmyn! Where are you?!" I ran outside to the backyard. I climbed up the small ladder and looked in the tunnel. "Jazmyn?" Nothing.

 DId she really? I went back inside and sat down at the dining room table. I couldn't believe what was happening.

Where could she be? I put my face in my hands and let tears roll down my cheek. I heard a knock at the door. I walked to the front of the house and found a package. Taking the package to the back of my study I sat down in my chair, pushing aside things on the table to make room.

I pulled out a knife from my drawer, and cut the tape off the top. Looking inside was a letter along with one of Jazmyn's toys. What? This doesn't make any sense. She lost this toy months ago.  I opened the envelope.    

'A family came back from work one day and all of their children were gone. They were nowhere to be found. Like they vanished. They didn't ever find them. They failed the test. So what I'm wondering is..How far would you go, to save someone you love? Don't worry we'll find out soon enough...'

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