How Much Do You Love Them?

How far would you go, to prove your love for somebody? To get them back, and hold them in your arms once again. Justin Is put to the test when his sister gets kidnapped, and is put through a series of test, just to prove, how far he will go to get her back. Would you give up, or never stop? He has 5 days, and must go through misery, pain and suffering, in his attempt to get Jazmyne back. So... Are you ready to be put to the test? Let's find out....




Thank you for checking out my story! I know it may not seem like the best, but it will get better! Just bear with me, I promise it will pick up. Make sure to leave comments below, for suggestions, Idea's, or what you think of it! Check out my other Movella's too! I have this whole story planned out. Let me know if I should update!(: Thanks so Much!


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