Love Never Lasts

When Brittani moves to Holmes Chapel she is not expecting to meet the one and only Harry Styles. There is no "Love at first sight". What will Harry do to win Brittani's love. Will she open up to him and let him love her. Will she push his love away and live in regret. Find out in Love Never Lasts!


1. New Home

Brittani's Pov

       I pull into the driveway and see my new home. From London to Holmes Chapel is a really long distance! I park and so does the moving truck. I unlock the front door and walk in. Home sweet Home. After a few hours all of my boxes are in and I start to go through them. I stop looking through the boxes when I see the picture of my ex and I. I was the happiest girl alive. I loved him so much and he loved me. Or so I thought. We were dating for 3 years and I come to find out that he cheated on me 7 times. I wanted to throw it away and try to forget but that was the only time I actually felt happy and complete. I put the picture on my dresser and lie down to cry. When I wake up I look at the time. 1:15 in the morning! When I try to go back to sleep I keep thinking about him. I finally had enough. I get up, put a sweater on with my Uggs, and leave with my music in full blast. I run out of the door and start to jog straight. I have absolutely no idea where I'm going. i just need to cool off and forget about everything. 

      It's been about 30 minutes and I'm getting really tired. I look around and see little houses and empty streets. I'm now completely lost and I don't know which direction I came from. Great! Just great. The first day I'm here I get lost and I don't even know if I locked my house!! I sit down and start to cry. I moved here to start a better life but now I don't even know where I am! What if I get kidnapped or raped. I don't want to loose my virginity to some disgusting pervert!

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