Love Never Lasts

When Brittani moves to Holmes Chapel she is not expecting to meet the one and only Harry Styles. There is no "Love at first sight". What will Harry do to win Brittani's love. Will she open up to him and let him love her. Will she push his love away and live in regret. Find out in Love Never Lasts!


2. Help

Harry's Pov

Harry's House

Today I got back home from tour. I unpacked my luggage and hopped on my bed.  Finally! I look around my room that hasn't changed a bit. My pictures all in order, bed was fixed, room was clean. My mom calls me down so we can go. She wants to take me out for dinner and celebrate my day back. As we are getting out of the house to get to the car I see someone moving in next door. Her beautiful brown curls flowing through the air. Her chocolate brown eyes were absolutely gorgeous. She was taking boxes in the house with some bulky moving guys helping. I got in the car and kept looking back at her until she disappeared. Wow! He was absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't say I'm in love but I'm very attracted to her. When we got to the restaurant I was trying to imagine what her name was. Sara? Courtney? Talia? I don't know. She definitely wasn't from around here.


       Dinner was a blur. I just kept thinking about her. Why? I don't know. There was just something about her that made her... irresistible.(<-- see what I did there). When we were driving back home the moving truck was gone. It was pretty late. Almost 1 in the morning. I went upstairs to my room and looked out my window. Ironically my window faced the window next door. I was about to fall asleep when I saw a light turn on. I opened my eyes and saw it was coming from the room window that is close to me. I looked at the time. 1:15 am. I saw a shadow of a girl sit up from a bed. She put her head in her hands. I could tell she was crying. Then she grabbed her sweater and ran out of the door. I got up from my bed and went downstairs to see what she was doing. When I got to the end of the stairs I heard a door slam. I looked out of my kitchen window and I saw her jogging down the street. She just moved here and I was pretty sure she was going to get lost so I followed her.


       I was carefully jogging after her so she wouldn't know I was following. After a couple of miles I saw her start to slow down so I did the same. She was breathing heavily and looking around. Luckily she didn't look back because I had no where to run. there were small houses and the streets were solitary. I always used to go to the park here when I was sad but it felt so different when it was almost 2 in the morning. 


       After a while I saw the girl stop and sit on the curb. She was crying and whispering stuff. I couldn't hear but I did catch the part when she said "I don't want to loose my virginity..."  She was a virgin?!?! Wow! At least now I know that she respects her body. She kept crying and instead of it getting softer it got louder and I felt like I had to speak up so I lightly tapped her shoulder. When she looked up her face had mixed expressions but the emotion that was the most noticeable was fear!


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