The Library's Gifts

Aleyah loves books and is a hopeless romantic so when she meets a teenager her age who is just like her is it meant to be or will this just be the friendship of her dreams?


4. The Place We Call School

Aleyah's P.O.V

Another day of drama in the place we all call school. What adventure's will come my way to day? A new love interest or maybe a hope of being loved. I stood up and curled my hair wore my blue  and lilac shirt with a mini skirt on top of leggings with my red converse's. "Bi*ch come down here and make me some breakfast before you leave." said Tionna my so called mother. I walked down the staircase and made my way into the kitchen. I made some bacon and eggs. I ate my plate and left Tionna's plate on the table.


*At school

Omar's P.O.V

God I was right that is Aleyah right across the hall I should make my move now. I walked across the hall avoiding all distractions even my best friend, Kyle. "Hey Aleyah." I said  she looked at me confused we haven't talked since elementary. We were best friends. "Oh hey Omar I thought you have forgotten me we haven't talked since 5th grade now we're 8th graders 3 whole years." she said giving me a hug. I blushed luckily she didn't notice I must have luck. "Yeah I saw you at the library. I wanted to ask you if you were going today so we can walk there together as friends if you like." I said worried about her response. She looked at me and said "Sure I'd love to I'm so glad were friends again I was worried we lost everything we had see you later." I can't believe she didn't even ask me why we stopped talking or gave me some speech about wanting her back. She's defiantly not like the others.


Aleyah's P.O.V

I'm so happy to have talked to Omar. I could go skipping around right now gloating about it, but I must stay poised and civilized about this. I wonder what he's thinking about right now. I have just noticed my feelings for him and I don't exactly want to let them go. Will this be a Cinderalla moment or shall it fall like the Titanic both romantic but one filled with tragedy.


*After class*

Omar's P.O.V

I meet her in front of school. She had her hair in a messy bun with a smile bigger than Texas. She looked adorable. When she saw me she hugged me and we walked. "So what's new it's been a while since we talked." I said. She looked up and said "Nothing much mom's better she doesn't hit me that much. She's in a cursing phase you could say." looking down. I looked at her and put her head up and gave her a kiss on the head and said "It's going to be just like old time's I promise." We walked towards the library.

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