The Library's Gifts

Aleyah loves books and is a hopeless romantic so when she meets a teenager her age who is just like her is it meant to be or will this just be the friendship of her dreams?


2. The Library


[Aleyah's P.O.V.]


All love is not the same love I believe. Though in the essence, love is love--and we all love different ways. I mean I knew I lived in a fairytale world hoping for all happy endings. But this wasn't one of those times I guess. Well from where I'm standing now, the outcome didn't appear so good.


I loved the library. Just imagine a place where it's endless words, endless worlds--and never ending love stories. I was in my fantasy again. Here I was daydreaming about the nonsense. But that was all  I had in the end, and all knew to hold onto. The very thought of spending an eternity with my true love was wonderful. But then again, where was my knight in shinning armor?


I collapsed on the floor in the fantasy section, with my arms spread all over the colorful carpet. Oh how I longed to be one of my characters in those happy love stories. I mean does things such as happy endings really happen out in the real world? Probably. But look, they never seemed to happen to me.


I wouldn't want a tragic love story like in the sorrowful film, Titantic. Though it is one of my favorites. But isn't it good to experience true love, no matter how long your love lasted. Let's just say it lasted for two weeks, verses a lifetime. Though I admit I would rather stick with the lifetime--but isn't that what we all are searching for, that true love. Isn't true love the real reason each and everyone of us are created. I care to believe so, though it may not be true.


Even if you have experienced true love for two weeks, once you have that feeling you will spend forever searching for it all over again.

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