The Library's Gifts

Aleyah loves books and is a hopeless romantic so when she meets a teenager her age who is just like her is it meant to be or will this just be the friendship of her dreams?


3. My Library


[ Omar's P.O.V ]


You know that love is hard, and I rather lose love than have it at all. After all these problems in the world who needs it. That's why I go to"my" library. It's the only place where I'm loved. It's like when I read those sappy romance novels. I become the one who loves someone, and they actually love me back.


You know that Twilight series. I've read it at least nineteen times. Sometimes I act like I'm Edward, but instead of uncovering his true love. I'm looking for her to cherish. Possibly a library girl, like the one I see everyday at least when I'm there. I see her with stunning green- blue eyes and light brown hair, but why would she want me. I'm just a dreamer. 


I remember when I was six I fell for this girl her name was Aleyah. The library girl sort of looks like her. What if that is her? She doesn't even know I exist maybe I should get to know her. One day it might just be our library.


I'm going to talk to her at school hopefully she doesn't have a secret hatred for me.



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