The Library's Gifts

Aleyah loves books and is a hopeless romantic so when she meets a teenager her age who is just like her is it meant to be or will this just be the friendship of her dreams?


7. Her Prince Charming

Omar's P.O.V

"Beep beep." My phone rang right when I was about to get into video game mode. "This better be important." I mumble picking it up.

From: Aleyah

S.O.S I need you now. Please.

Shit, it must be that bitch Tionna her so called mother. I got into my running shoes carrying a baseball bat. Damn I must really love this girl.


Aleyah's P.O.V

Will that text work. He has better things to do then protect me. I mean who cares if my mom has knife and is walking start towards me because I called her fat. I guess this is the end "I going to fucking break you like Jerry fucking broke my heart." she yell coming straight at me. Jerry is Omar's dad what did he do to her? ."Mom what do you mean?" I asked hoping she wouldn't hurt me for asking. She sat on the couch tears falling on the couch turning it's to an odd brown color. "Well he's the reason I'm like this. He raped me that's why we moved. Look I'm worried Omar will try it with you ok I love you I never stopped lovin-." she said I then saw blood flooding down her face. I looked up to see Omar holding a baseball bat in one hand and a phone in the other. He was calling the police and I ran upstairs. "Aleyah don't believe her she's lieing." He yelled. I don't believe you I felt like saying but instead I ran inside the bathroom. I locked the door opened my cabinet brought out my best razor. I prayed to God I would make it, and let the blade go in my skin. I saw the red blood fill my arm like a red glove. I felt bliss and drifted to my everlasting sleep.





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