The Library's Gifts

Aleyah loves books and is a hopeless romantic so when she meets a teenager her age who is just like her is it meant to be or will this just be the friendship of her dreams?


6. Fairy Tale Bliss

Aleyah's P.O.V.

I am so happy I finally have Omar here with me. Over the past weeks we have spent every second of our day together. I mean I feel like one of those princess's in those Walt Disney films. He is absolutely perfect! He brings me flowers, and chocolate. Tionna gets so jealous, and she demands me to come home right after school. She was never concerned about any of the boys I hung out with before. It's like she dwells on my pain and suffering to boost her flabby ego. Now she sees that I am happy she wants to take that joy away from me. Omar and I haven't set anything in stone, but I am hoping he is willing to make me his love for all eternity.


Tionna is just like a snake. Constantly hissing at my ankles. She is a horrible mother. I mean I don't hate her or anything, it's just the foul things she say to me. Omar doesn't know she let one of her boyfriends taunt me, and touch me. He almost raped me, but fortunately he was unsuccessful. This happened while she was there, and I immediately told her about it. And the sad part is the only thing she could say was I deserved it! She really was unfair, I did nothing to her. Let alone, I never wanted any of her male friends. I just wanted her to love for me, and care for me. Now that Omar is back in the picture, she calls me sluts, and whores. She thinks that I have sex--but it isn't true. I don't understand why she hates me so much. It's almost as if she isn't my biological mom. I just need a real friend, because no one seems to understand.


There Aleyah was, balled up in the corner. Her arms wrapped nervously around her knees as she rocked back and forth. Tionna was drunk again, becoming even more violent as the time progressed. Aleyah was in her bedroom when Tionna asked if she'd taken out the garbage.


Wiping the blood from my mouth, I slowly arouse from the floor to be struck back down again...and again. Tionna threw my cellphone at me. It barely grazed me.

"You filthy dog in heat, haven't I told you to leave this Omar punk alone!''

"I know about guys like him, he is no good for you!!" "All he wants to do is lay with you, I must admit that must be all you are good for."

"Why in the hell you think he is sticking around?''

She paced all over the room, while the tears soaked my shirt. I rubbed my bruised lip, as the pain sent a tingling nerve through my mouth. She wasn't getting any better, but it was my fault. I had to stop talking to him. She wasn't going to let me out to talk to him, and she took my phone. Sometimes I blamed daddy for dying on us, ever since his passing Tionna has been a demon from hell. I really missed him so much.


I gathered my strength to get back up, as she went into the other room. I wiped my running mascara and ran into my bedroom, locking the door.


There is nothing like being frightened, and all alone. Shut off from the world, living in pain. I cried myself to sleep with all that laid heavy within my soul.


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