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Aleyah loves books and is a hopeless romantic so when she meets a teenager her age who is just like her is it meant to be or will this just be the friendship of her dreams?


8. All That Glitters Isn't Gold

[Aleyah's P.O.V


I was in complete denial from the incident that happened previously. Vivid images appear throughout my mind, sending shock waves through my head. I was shaking like a homeless man with no jacket, in the freezing cold. My hands were numb, and my soul was fearful.

Moping down to the ER, I can feel the walls closing in on me. Life was so cruel, and reckless. She didn't deserve this, it was my entire fault. I should have never called him--but how was I supposed to know he was going to have a field day on her with his favorite baseball bat? I could feel my stomach churning in knots, as it rumbled fiercely. The taste in my mouth was so disgusting. [Yuck--] Mixed with Tionna's leftover cold lasagna and my blood mangled with my snot and tears--I began to gag in my mouth. I hear people chattering about, looking at me as I walk lifelessly through the hospital's cold halls.

Blood soaked my shirt, not only from my scant little scars, but from my mom's bashed head. Omar walked in silence behind me, ashamed of his actions.

And once more, the stares and the blunt whispers stalked us like death. I didn't care. I didn't even know how to approach Tionna, or him. But Jerry, that was a low blow even on her behalf. I rarely saw Jerry come around, let alone spend time with her. She was just so petty. She was unthinkable, but I grieved for her well-being at the most. Omar had to literally drag me, my arms were glued to the door. I didn't want to see her in so much pain. Wasn't this scenario ironic; all she did was cause blisters to protrude through my heart. Crushing my soul in half she did, all she knew to do was inflict pain on me. In the end, I still had to take care of her.


Not once did I look at that bastard Omar. How could he? I didn't need him to do that! No one deserves that pain. Now she lays unconsciously in a hard hospital bed.


Omar slowly meets the same pace as me. His hands fumbling a bit, looking quite pitiful. He also had blood on his white muscle shirt. Splattered specks coloring the front of his chest area, almost as if it's a design. I dare not look at him, if I do I don't know how I'll react. It's best he starts this awkward convo, because I am bout to fucking lose it...seriously.


"Aleyah--I--I [stutters]  am so sorry I blew things outta proportion." He bows his head in shame.


"WELL ARE YOU?!'' "ARE YOU FUCKING HAPPY NOW?'' Melody screeches.

Everyone that was in that area turned their attention blankly at them. Aleyah starts to sniffle, as she continues to let out an emotional rant. A tall security guard made his way to Omar, asking if he could get her to tone her voice down a bit. As he scopes out the scene he sees Melody has a busted lip, tore clothes with blood stains visible. He also notices Omar has blood on him as well. He reports on his boost mobile radio. [Static]

"--Ahh yes we have a 10-15, a teenage male, and teenage girl about 17 at the most. Evidence is solid, I'm gonna have to ask that someone comes and check these kids out immediately. It kind of looks like a domestic violence, or assault incident."

[Woman's Voice on radio] "--Okay cop that, Lt. George will be with you shortly, hold those minors in place for observation..."


I eyed the security guard. As he talked to Omar, I saw my chance to escape the questioning. I had to check on Tionna. The guard quickly trailed behind me.

"Your guy friend told me the troubles the both of you faced tonight." "Is everything he said true?" "Did your mother fall down the stairs while you were at school, and knocked herself unconscious?''


I peered back at Omar, signaling me to lie. I nodded my head yes, and told him I was on my way to see her. The guard left us alone, speaking indistinctively on his radio. Omar caught up with me, ''That was close--'' [phew..] Wipes face.

"Aleyah--", Omar grabs my arm. "My dad was an alcoholic who used to beat my mom."

"I don't know about Tionna, and him but I do know he had some anger issues."

Omar cups his hand over his sweating face. "But listen, I am not like him!" "I am so different from him, and I promise I will never hurt you." "You have my word."

"I don't want any lies in between us, and if we are going to be together, we should be honest with one another."


I felt like sirens were whirling in my head. I had no idea he was a victim as well. I was in utter shock, my heart pounding rapidly as I caught shelter on the wall. My mom was in the very next room. I looked up at Omar, never being so terrified of anything like him in my life. He shook my bones more than Tionna did. I didn't know what to expect from him, I didn't even know what he was truly capable of. Wait--I saw what he was capable of.

As the truth soaked in my pores he edged closer to me. I shuttered against the wall, kneeling to the cold floor--feeling ever so lost.

"I love you Aleyah.'' "I never meant for any of this to happen."

He tries to caress me, as I flinch back timidly. My whole body is tingling with anxiety, and fear.

He goes for it again, this time a little bit more forceful.

"All I want is you Aleyah--you can't leave me alone now."

"Promise me--say we'll never part again.'' [Tears welled in his beautiful eyes.]

I can never be with a person if I fear for my safety. I couldn't assure him anything. He pleaded his case, shaking his head in disappointment as I entered her room.

Tionna's head was bandaged, wrapped so tightly I gasped. She barely could open her eyes, but she knew I was in her presence. I started to sob, feeling guilty--as her make up stained her icy white pillow. Omar stood outside by the door.

"I am so sorry mama, I didn't--''

"Shush darling." [Voice rambled in a soft tone.]

"Now you--you leave that bo..."

[BEEP...beep..beep--] The monitor scattered and blinked. She was losing oxygen.

Omar screamed outside for help, while I cried in sorrow.

The doctors and nurses rushed in, shoving us both out completely. There were so many people around her, talking quickly, moving quicker--and scattering about.

I watched in horror as they stabilized her. Omar whelp, "This is all my fault..." He sat on the ground, in complete traumatization.

I sat down beside him in the unknown, as it overshadowed the both of us.

He then looked at me. Eyes full of pain, and uncertainness.

"We can leave this place you know, we can leave together--as soon as we see she's alright."




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