Love, caring, and silly!!!

It all started two years ago when taras mom died. Everyday her father didnt have the needs he needed. So after two months when she died he started to rape her. She never thought sex would feel the same until a boy band came along!!!!
Who do you think she'll really fall INLOVE with... Niall zayn Louis or Harry!!!!


1. My father

Taras pov

One day my father had gone to work. So I decided I needed to do what I was planning for the past few weeks. I had even saved up money. I already knew how to get out. I was gunna go out the doggy door. I packed up some of my stuff and got ready to leave my rapist of a father. His name was Dave. When I started out it was late and I knew my dad would be coming home soon. I knew that he would be coming home soon. When I started to head out I heard a car pull up i panicked and ran to my room. I started to head out my window and then I heard my dad calling my name he saw me climbing out. Then he ran downstairs outside and he cut my ankle. I quickly ran through the front door and he tried to catch me but he was to fat. When I started to walk a bit I went through the woods. When I wasn't paying attention I ran into someone. I thought it was my dad so I yelped. I looked up and it was a blonde haired blue eyed teen. He was so cute but at the time I wasn't sure if I could trust anyone. He was holding out his hand i help me up so I grabbed it and he pulled me up. He asked me if I was ok but I said no. He said whats wrong who's chasing you???.... He sounded worried. It's hard to say its embarrassing I said to him. He asked me if I had a place to stay and I said I'm not sure i never really thought that part out. He asked me if I wanted to stay with him but I said I didn't really trust anybody. He said trust me you'll be ok. I told him I'm in danger but I didn't want to make anyone else that way...



nialls pov

the boys and I have been arguing lately i didn't want to argue with them though. We have been fighting over where we were gunna stay for christmas break. I was wanting to go to our 8 story condo. The boys wanted to stay in a hotel. I was mostly gunna get to choose becuz Paul agreed with me. All this commotion gave me a headache. I really needed to clear my head. So I decided to go on a walk through the woods. After a while of walking i bumped into a girl she was so beautiful. She yelped. I thought she was a crazed fan but she wasnt after our long convo. Se looked scared an upset it scared me i felt really bad for not knowing who she was or what was wrong with her. After a while I asked if she wante to stay she said no becuz she was in danger. Then finally she agreed to stay. I saw her ankle and said what happened she said it was upsetting. I kinda wish I wouldn't have asked her that. I knew we had alot of hills to climb so i picked her up and started to walk.





taras ppovthe was so iresistable so I decided I would stay with him 

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