Love, caring, and silly!!!

It all started two years ago when taras mom died. Everyday her father didnt have the needs he needed. So after two months when she died he started to rape her. She never thought sex would feel the same until a boy band came along!!!!
Who do you think she'll really fall INLOVE with... Niall zayn Louis or Harry!!!!


2. Meeting the boys

Taras ppov

On the way was kinda awkward. He carried me the whole way because of my ankle. He was so strong and so irresistable. We were still walking though. He looked at me and kissed my cheek. It was really sweet yet really awkward. We hardly knew each other. I mean does he already like me???


nialls pov

we were still walking. I think she was amazed i was Still carrying her... I looked at her and kissed her cheek. I think she was confuse about me liking her. I don't blame her but I would to probably!!! In not sure if she knows it not yet. Oh well all i know is that I really like her!!! I thought to myself. 


Harrys pov

i wonder where niall is??? I said. Zayn answered me and said he went to go clear his head. Y'all know we're causing niall stres! I think we should go to the holiday house i mean he never gets to pick!!! Zayn Liam Louis and I all agreed! Once we talked everything out niall walked in. He was holding a really pretty girl!!! ;D I asked him why she was on his back? He said she hurt her ankle. Then I asked what she was doing here? He said she didn't have a okae to stay.  I thought to myself an said i probably shouldn't ask anymore. 


Taras pov

we were pretty far from where we started. I think I fell asleep on the way. When we arrived niall woke me up. I was kin of scared I knew he was in a band and he had been staying with his mates. It was late when we walked in. There was a boy named Harry questioning him about me. Niall told him about my ankle but I don't think he wanted to get to deep into the convo. We then walked in and there was abou named zayn and Louis. Louis asked if we were lovers niall said no but u could tell he really did like me!!! We walked in the room with the Telly in it! There was a boy named Liam he asked me who I was I said tara! Next we went to nialls room he had a couch and bed. I asked him where I was going to sleep he said on the bed and he was sleeping on the couch I told him i couldn't do that to him. He said if he didnt it wouldn't be gentlemen of him I told him to sleep in the bed with me but he said no. He asked me of I had anything to sleep in and I said no so he walked off in another room . I was wondering where he went i started to get scared did he leave me ! 


Nialls ppov after she met all the lads we went to my room i told her where she was sleeping and where I was sleeping. Then I asked her if she had anything to wear a shirt t sleep in. She said no so i went to my closet and picked the one that would look best on her!!! So I came back and she wascrying I asked he whats wrong and she said that she tough i left I told her to put it on and she said ok so she stood up an then fell down i told her i was going t help her but she didnt care I didn't want to be disrespectful to her but I enjoyed changing her after i was done i crawled into the couch and she crawled onto the bed. After talking a while we both fell asleep!!!

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