That 'stalker' Girl

All her life Lillian was always bullied for her mother's mistakes. Lillian's mom, Amy was a prostitute and Lillian being her daughter is assumed to grow up to be just like her mom. Lillian spends her next two years after being publicly assualtes by classmates moving from school to school. After a suicide attempt Lillian is shipped to England by her Mom. In England Lillian moves into a new apartment with her older sister, everything seemingly ordinary until she discovers who her neighbors are, the biggest boy band in the world another reason why she was bullied and branded the name, That 'stalker' girl.


1. Moving In

"So now we get to the main part of the tour. Your room." Virginia said enthusiastically as she opened the door to my new room, in a new place, in a new city. There was something final about the movement as in there's no going back now, its time to grow up and face your life.

I thought I would see bunches of pink that being Ginny's personal styles bunches, and bunches of pink but what I actually saw was a glass window that took up most space on the back wall and purple paint covering the walls. The apartment was smaller than a house but too much space for two people, about the size of a small house. I fell back on the four poster bed throwing my suitcase down with me. Everything was happening so fast, too soon for me. I had wanted to get away from the plain town of River City, Oregon but London was never my planned destination.

I sat up quickly, ears popping from aftershock of the plane I had been on for six hours. I could still remember the nasally voice of the flight attendant and the muffled voice of the pilot's voice over speakers. My dream was to always visit London, but not on these circumstances. The only reason I was here was because of those two dark day, the one in the hospital under observation and the one where I tried to hang myself after drinking two straight bottles of scotch both putting me on the first flight out to live with my sister in her 'flat' (as apartments are called in England).

Don't get me wrong I love Ginny but she had two very annoying qualities. One, Ginny loves to talk and Two, Ginny has a job as a fashion intern being mentored by Lilah Sanders, the biggest fashion designer this side of the Atlantic Ocean which meant that she would try to force clothes down my throat the whole time I would be here. How long would I be here? That's not a question I had actually thought about before jumping on that plane. I was only thinking about how I wanted to get out of that damn town.

"I might as well start unpacking." I mused out loud, groaning while grabbing my suitcase and opening the drawers to the wardrobe pushed against the far wall.

About an hour and two wardrobes later I had finally managed to unpack all my belongings and make the room seem more like home. I had put up my photos all along the walls and my camera in a safe place where it wouldn't break. I had to set up my wrought iron bed which proved to be a very difficult challenge as I scavenged around on the floor for about fifteen minutes finding loose screws. After the whole ordeal I was sweaty and tired out wanting nothing more than to take a shower and pass out, but Ginny decided we had to go to meet her best friend who loved halfway across the city, so now I was sitting on the subway next to a very sketchy looking person who was looking at my boobs. I shuddered remembering what had happened in River City with Ben.

"Ginny, are we almost there yet?" My voice sounded whiny and brat like.

"Yes, now wait five seconds Nyah is supposed to meet is at the platform. God don't whine." I scoffed at her and rolled my eyes. Who's fault is it that we're on a subway at the middle of night.

I heard the announcers voice come on the speakers clarifying that we were now in Sunbury, a city not far from the outskirts of London.

"Finally." I said to Ginny, she rolled her eyes. The sketchy man then decided while we were getting off to come behind me and grope my butt. I shrank into Ginny's side grabbing her hand tightly. I saw a girl wearing a long trench coat and jeans tapping her heels across the concrete.

"NYAH!" Ginny yelled running into the girls arms, jumping up and down.

"Hey babe." Nyah had an American accent, she must of been born in the US and moved.

I stood by awkwardly when I saw a flash of silver on Nyah's finger it looked like an engagement ring, diamond standing out like a flashlight in a pitch black room.

"Are you getting married?" I pointed to Nyah's finger, she looked stunned like she wasn't expecting the question, "I just.. Your ring." I stumbled for words something about the girl made me nervous.

"Um yes actually I am." She smiled at me kindly but the smile didn't quite reach her brown eyes.

"Um so you were talking about some dress you made for Lilah?" My sister interrupted and the two girls went back into their own bubble again.

I wandered around the subway station for a bit trying to keep myself occupied, but when I turned back the girls were gone. I started to hyperventilate and assess my surroundings. Ok Lillian think you're not in the ghetto, thank god so just call a cab you have a credit card, just stay calm. I breathed in and out trying to think hard enough to remember where to go for a cab. I finally found a bus stop but waiting in the rain stemmed to be the bigger challenge. I saw the bus pull up and calmed fishing three dollars out of my pocket.

The doors opened and I walked through those plastic doors. I climbed the steps nervously, I wasn't sure where to go really. On the outside I was probably a shaking mess of a girl with stringy red hair wet from the rain.

"Um do you take American money here?" My voice cracked from rain and exhaustion

"Well I suppose so Miss," The bus driver counted the dollars I had given him, "Money is Money."

I thanked god I would be able to go home today. Well the only home I know, Ginny's house. During the whole bus drive I stared out the windows watching the green fields and the sky growing darker as time went by. These were the moments when I missed my camera because I couldn't take any pictures of beautiful things in my life.

When the bus pulled up at the bus stop back in London I was no longer wet but still shivering from cold. I rushed into the lobby and ran into the elevator before it left pressing the button for the third floor, the other people stared at me but I would have stared at myself too. If you had seen a girl wearing a blue dress and sandals, summer clothes while it was raining and freezing you probably would have stared too.

I diverted my eyes to the ground sheepishly, shifting side to side. The elevator dinged signifying that we were on the third floor. I ran out the elevator and to apartment 1B pounding on the door angrily but who I saw was not Gunny and it wasn't Nyah. I must not have read the right number because Ginny's apartment was 2B because the person at the door was a very hot, very famous, towel clad man with brown curls and green eyes.


Um so I'm a new writer and would love if you all would be super duper nice and like, comment, and add this to your favorites. Umm leave me any feedback because even I'm not exactly sure how I judge this. Ok byeee xx~Nyah

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