Pale Yellow (Condensed Version)

Brielle was classified as a dangerous unknown form age 7 when the government officials couldn't decode her DNA codes. Forced to go silently and calmly by the government for a decade causes her to act out with a small bit of rebellion. To keep herself from being taken and locked up, she leaves to join the resistance and try to stop what she believes to be morally wrong. (For full Movella, see Pale Yellow (Full))


5. The beginning

It was the morning of the broadcast recording. I was in my pale yellow sundress and bare feet. Dante had just lightly touched up my hair and was now applying a light pink blush and black mascara when one of the assistants came through the door. “Brielle,” she smiled, “Asher sent me to bring you to the beach.” I raised my eyebrow, but followed.

Asher was standing on the shore with a pair of binoculars, hair whipping. When he saw me, he smiled and pulled me towards him. He squinted into the binoculars once more, then gestured me to look in them. He positioned them in front of me and I saw it. A small, well-made, but handmade boat was sailing through the choppy water towards the green drowning lady. In it, I saw them. My dad was standing, signaling to shore with a light. Mitt was adjusting the sails, a skinny red-haired man who must've been Joshua was steering, and my mother was sitting tall on a short chair, squinting towards shore. They were safe. They were here. Finally.

Todd sent a water-craft out to meet them and bring them in. There were wet embraces and tears between me and my parents. I also threw my arms around Joshua and Mitt, kissing their cheeks and thanking them. Dante immediately greeted my mom and complimented her beauty, inviting her with us to shoot the broadcast.

On the hover craft, my mother and I talked as she tried to get me to talk about boys I've met, as always. Getting out of it, I told her that I needed to read through my speech some more. I looked down at the creased pieces of paper in my lap, covered with my loopy handwriting:


I am Brielle Madeline Cherish. I am a 0. I could have been classified a 37, a 93, or a 7. I could be living my life like a normal girls, but I'm not. I've never been out of my home apart from my 3 days at the Learning House. I've never been on group trips. I've never been allowed to meet my grandparents. You see, when I was only seven years and eight months old, I was classified a 0.I was called dangerous as I was confined to my home without even knowing what I did wrong. I use to lay in bed trying to think of ways I differed from all the other little girls that were in my group. But I couldn't. I thought boys were gross. I sometimes forgot my manners. I loved playing with bubble. I loved chocolate and fruit smoothies. I loved playing at the park. I loved picking flowers. I even had a teddy, Michael. I slept with him every night.

Now, I can't see how I could possibly differ from all the other teenage girls out there. I crush on boys. I sometimes forget my place. I love daydreaming about my future. I still love chocolate and fruit smoothies. I love watching the sunset. I love getting dressed up. No, pardon me, I do see how I differ from other girls my age. I crush on boys, but they don't see me. They're scared of me. I sometimes forget my place, because it's hard to remember when you've never had one. I don't daydream about what my future will be, I daydream about what it would have been, if I was classified normal. I am normal. I just never got the chance to prove myself. We have people controlling us and we don't even choose them. They choose themselves. They choose who we are, and what's worse, we let them. We let them define us. Some of you aren't happy with your classifications. Some of you are. I know that we need authority and rules, but we don't need to be told who you can and can't be. If we took a stand to be able to choose who we want to be and who we want to stand for, we could be happier. We could expand our horizons. We could become a different society. A happier society. I stand in a place that was known in the olden-time as America. A country that specifically believed in being free, with authority and rules, of course. They were the strongest through the war that ended the olden-time people. It's here, that we will become a new population of our globe. We will come here together and follow our dreams. We can now all daydream about our future that we will control for ourselves.


I finished reading and re-folded the paper and felt the craft land. Anxious, I was the first one out the door. I was shocked. Never, in my life had I been in a place like this. Tall red rock formations jutted up all around. The air was chilly, but only 45 degrees I was told. The sun was being pulled to the ground, a deep orange yolk. It's dye soaked into the deep blue clouds creating a breathtaking effect. Dante and his assistant positioned me on a raised area, sun nearly touching the red rocks behind me, lighting up and saying goodnight. They positioned the holo machine recorders around me.

“Dante?” I asked.

“Yes?” he said, distracted.

“What is this place?” I asked, curious. Dante paused, smiling at me.

“This place was called Red Rock Country. It suits it, doesn't it? It's beautiful here. Now let's change the globe.” He called.

“Yes, beautiful.” I whispered quietly.

☼ ☼ ☼

 It was amazing. The whole community in the ruins watched it at midnight. We stood under the stars. You could feel an anxious, jittery energy. The effect of the sun suddenly setting again as I stood in the Red Rock Country were spectacular. I felt Asher touch my arm. I turned and saw his amazed expression staring at the sky. He had a large black gun slung over his shoulder and he was dressed in all black. It should've scared me, but in stead I felt safe, protected. I knew he, being a prodigy, was in charge of the troops who would be protecting us when the 2s came. We knew they would. I announced that we were in America in the broadcast. I felt ever-so grateful for all the other black-dressed troop members around me. I leaned my head on Asher's shoulder as we watched when we got to the portion when I said “I am normal”, the Brielle in the sky's voice caught. I blushed, I had hoped that the recording devices hadn't picked that up. Asher hugged me and we finished watching, then, blackness. The broadcast disappeared. It was the moment we all got chills from the force of the speech. The moment we all silently asked the same question; did it work? The stillness lasted only a few seconds, but the silence lived forever. The troops detached themselves from their family and friends to go to the crafts and Vessels without a sound. Asher softly kissed the top of my head, causing me to blush. I turned toward him and was blinded by his sun-smile in the pitch-black night. I smiled back threw my arms over his shoulders, giving him a small hug. “Good luck.” I whispered. He nodded and left. The silence continued until the whirling engines of hover crafts cut through the air, the signal. Everyone quickly retreated into their apartments, me leading my parents to Asher's. We all waited, that's all we could do.

I didn't sleep all night as I worried for Asher and the troops. Only one craft flew overhead and it was one of our own. No water crafts of trhe 2s made it very far because of our vessels. Only one of our hover craft came down. Asher's. He thought he was so big and tough that he flew close to Maintown and started batting off and 2s craft heading towards our base. They all had safety devices on though, of course, so they made it home safe. Asher just had a large gash on his arm from jumping from the craft. Apparently, somewhere through the fights the 2s received orders to call a truce.

Vessels that belonged to secret ASAC members around the globe started arriving by the dozen completely full of passengers. Heather's included. She smiled and came to talk to me. She told me how the Fabelta Plumeria Stars bred well. We laughed together. Todd came to get me around 5 am. “Brielle,” his deep voice boomed, “Mrs. Alicia Cummings, the Classification believer's leader has requested o meet with you on a holo-phone.” My jaw dropped. The head 2?

“Now?” I asked. Todd nodded.

Asher and my dad insisted on being present. They sat on a sofa in my new apartment as I sat up the holo-phone's stand. It rang not two minutes later and as I answered, A tall, fit lady with sheer, black hair appeared in front of me in the room. Surprisingly, she flashed a friendly smile at me, then laughed.

“Well Miss Brielle Cherish, your people really know how to make an impression.” she smiled.

“You know what you're doing is wrong,” I stated, "and your scared because you know we will win."

“Nonsense!” she chuckled-that scared me: “That was just us testing each others strengths! Thing is, Brielle. I disagree with you and the rest of America.” I felt shock at her attitude and choice of name for us. She didn't call us the rebels or ASAC. She called us the name of the Olden-time country of freedom. “However,” she continued, “I respect your views. I respect my people's decision of which way to live their lives. Under one condition: I will not have America fighting or interfering with my ways. If I allow you to all run your country the way you want to, you will allow me to do the same." her eye twitched. Barely, but I saw it. What a terrible liar. "When you find criminals in your hands, and you will, you may deal with them as you see fit, but you may not banish them. They will just come to my society which would be unacceptable." Her words meant nothing to me. I recognized them only as filler. She just wanted me to believe her lie even more. Well two can play at this game.

“Yes, ma'am.”  I smiled sweetly at her.

I silently gloated as she took the smile positively, “Now, Brielle, one last thing. There are some 2s and some other people in my population that aren't so accepting of you free believers. Be warned that they might try to lead your country to downfall and I won't help you. Sorry, but I won't. Now do you agree to these terms?”

I thought for a moment. So she was scared of us. She really was. America was far more strong and She was going to try to blame her future attacks on us as just some angry citizens. She obviously didn't spend to much time thinking about this lie. “Yes Miss Cummings. Your terms are reasonable and acceptable.” I lied through my teeth.

“Good.” Her image disappeared before I could say anything more.

“Well!” my dad said, “that was the biggest bloody lie I have ever heard.

“Yeah, you think?” I asked. This wasn't the ending of our battle by any extent. Alicia Cummings had, for some reason or another, given us a resting period. She needed it if she expected us to keep believing  the lie she thought we has bought. I didn't expect it to be. This was hardly even the beginning of something exponentially bigger. Asher reached over and grabbed my hand. We were all in this together. I rolled my eyes at my dad's raised eyebrows and he turned away reluctantly, shaking his head and releasing a sigh. I nestled my head next to Asher's shoulder as we headed out into the pale yellow new light.

☼ ☼ ☼ 

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