A Weird Life Indeed

A 13 year old narrator who's name we dont know tells us about his troublesome and weird life. It revolves around a developing story of a fatal bus crash that killed his best friend.

Please feel free to comment ideas for up coming chapters and other stuff :)


2. The Shadowy Figure

After the accident that took Robert's Life we each went to his funeral, and of course John as the pervert he is hits on girls at the funeral, he fails to pick up girls again. As we walk home from the funeral my mom stops the car beside me and says "get in, no time to explain. I have a lama" so me and John got in, as we were in the car my mother says "I know someone who can help you see Robert again"


of course me and John did not believe her at first but then she came up with facts of how it was possible, I think it had something to do with the still active neurones in his brain and how we can interact with them, of course I didn't listen to the whole thing as I was busy petting the lama which we are going to kill as a sacrifice to the experiment. When we got to the location I looked out the window and saw a gigantic warehouse, when we walked in the first thing I saw was Robert's body. There was a shadowy person behind him; this figure was tall, thin, had glasses and had a small smirk on his face that creeped me out,


when we got to the surgery table, he connected wires to Robert's head and afterward he continued to my head. I saw a great white flash...

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