A Weird Life Indeed

A 13 year old narrator who's name we dont know tells us about his troublesome and weird life. It revolves around a developing story of a fatal bus crash that killed his best friend.

Please feel free to comment ideas for up coming chapters and other stuff :)


5. The Getaway

As he is on top of me and what's happening starts to sink in, I instantly give the man a punch in the face. He falls over and hits his head on  the corner of my side table, he stops moving. I decide to drag him out into the balcony, since I live in an apartment  alone now because of my mother's death. As i reach my balcony I tie him upside down on the ledge and wait for him to wake up.


57 minutes later, the dude finally wakes up and as it turns out he's scared of heights, as he's squirming around and screaming, I calmly ask him what he was doing. The man doesn't want to answer me so i decide to take it to the next level as I take out a pocket knife and start to slowly cut the rope holding him from falling down 50 stories. The rope was getting thinner and thinner, but my assumption on his weight was incorrect and he weighed more than i thought, he fell down 50 stories (165 meters). Before the police come and start investigating I panic and untie the rest of the rope, I pack up all my stuff and make a run for it. When I get outside at policeman points me out and asks his partners to go catch me, I run up to the police man and push him on the ground; I throw all my stuff in the back seat of his police car and i get into the driver's seat and start to drive away...


At first driving was hard so I ran over about 25 people, but then I started to get the hang of it and I started to zip through traffic! The adrenaline rush was amazing, i felt unstoppable. The only problem now was how  to lose the 5 police cars pursuing me, then it hit me... If this was the Grand Theft Auto game I would have 2 stars already! Anyhow as I turn on the radio, The radio speaks of me and all the murders I've commited, I guess it's time to leave all this behind.

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