A Weird Life Indeed

A 13 year old narrator who's name we dont know tells us about his troublesome and weird life. It revolves around a developing story of a fatal bus crash that killed his best friend.

Please feel free to comment ideas for up coming chapters and other stuff :)


6. Apocalypse

As I am Driving in the middle of nowhere and listening to the news of my search, I decide to stop at a gas station to buy food. The cashier sees my face and notices that it is on TV... I snap his neck and steal everything, I then hide his body in the dumpster and drive off. A few minutes after driving off something falls on the winshield of my car and I swirl off the road...


as I am waking up I notice a moose on the floor, I have hitten a moose and I think that it is dead. After clearing my head I stand up and look around, it seems like they're people around us, they just seem... dead. I hear Munching behind me so I turn around to find the moose being devoured by these disgusting human like creatures, but they were rotten like those things you in the movies... those zombies. so I run into my car and turn the ignition on and run over everything, I cannot see very well because of the cracks and scratches caused by the falling moose, I turn on the radio and the news is not about me anymore... the world is in an apocalypse.


I stop my car and go take a quick dump

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