My poem about zombies :)


1. The Poem!

Zombies dotted everywhere,
Don't provoke them, don't you dare!
Grab any weapon and take cover,
Hide anywhere, in a place you won't be discovered.
Dress your wounds before they get infected,
Turned relatives and friends have to be rejected.
You can't be too safe, you can't be too sure,
Until one day we find a cure.
Figure out your tactics and survival skills too,
Because rest assured, these mutants WILL come for you.
They have no feelings or emotions at all,
If 'killed' the wrong way, they get back up when they fall.
If only we could find a way,
To ignore our horror just for a day.
But you remember that their failed escapes were too belated,
And as the blood pours and 'it' falls to it's knees, you think 'That's another life wasted'.

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